The other Knights ride into battleMature

Arrows sang out, whistling their goodbyes as they fell behind or beside him. His blood burned through his veins, his breathing tightened, and he could see his sword stroke before he even moved his arm. It would strike the witch down.

            “Sir Marsden!!” He heard his name called from far behind, the voice was thunderous and commanding; it could be only Lord Christos.

Why now? Why call his name as he led the charge?? He knew he would be unable to look away from the enchantress now; she had painted him as the next target. She placed her left hand out, the palm facing upward, and while she appeared to be concentrating on her next spell a small electrical charge formed between her hand and the same side of her head.

            Marsden halted. Yassym!

He looked behind him, long enough to see Lord Christos’ gigantic figure riding onto the field. With his armor he didn’t truly appear human; he was some kind of transformed meta-being.

Like Saigar, half-human, half-something else… But no, he was a man, dressed in heavy, polished, slate-grey steel plated armor. What really tricked a person’s vision was his helmet. The face was a roaring lion, the eyes, nose and mouth with meshed metal screens that allowed him perfect vision and breathing. No one could deny his presence, especially the enemy.

            “No …” Captain Derik breathed, “It can’t be …” Derik brought the horn to his lips once more, at the onset of this second alarm being raised the entire wood and stone structure seemed to creak and moan, then a terrible rumbling. The infantry was being called out.

Marsden turned back fully to the stronghold; another couple of arrows sailed past as Marsden unmasked his blade and marched forward.

Groups of poorly armed soldiers poured out of the doorways, beside the settling pile of fresh rubble, dressed in rags and pieces of bent metal which they must’ve thought sufficed as armor, and armed with pieces of rusted swords and broken clubs.

Blahna barreled into the first wave, unhindered by fear or anger and shouted, “Come on, ya bunch of yella-livered buggle-burps!”

The End

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