The true battle begins now!Mature

After circling around, the ghostly form disappeared beneath the pile of stone. Marsden brought his shield up in time to block arrows raining down, as more and more began striking all around, and then he was taking a step back when a group of ten or more fired all at once!

            “Oh, spitfire, can’t block them all…” Marsden grimaced, Please let the armor hold up…!

            He gasped as they were within the two foot range of piercing him, they stopped. Marsden looked around, then behind him where Yassym and Templin were running to his aid. It was nice to see the arrows frozen then fall, but his horror continued as another ten or so wooden missiles sailed through air. He could tell they would not arrive in time, so he brought his shield up and grimaced.

Only a few more feet and he would be skewered! Then from his right appeared a whirling sound, and he turned to see a light brown blur whipping through the air. Sandra, the Amazonian spear-woman had arrived in the nick of time to avert these next set of projectiles.

            “Sir Mahrsjen,” she said with a heavy accent, “You ahre safe now,” she finished spinning the spear, and held it tight in an offensive position.

Even as a woman Sandra was fearsome, no other way to put it. She stood at a little less than six foot, then had a small bun of hair pulled tight atop her head. There several animal teeth jutted out, then along with more of these sharp curved, bright white things dangling from around her neck…!

The archers moved into tighter groups, and began concentrating their fire on Sandra. Her darkened figure stood out against the lighter, dried ground. She shouted her war cry and swatted every arrow away as if they were flies.

            However, her momentum swiftly shifted.

            “Gufff!!” She grunted horribly while being lifted from the ground! Marsden turned his head this way and that trying to find her aggressor…. The sorceress! Attacking one of the Knights directly while defending not only herself, but those around her!! Marsden could contain his anger no longer. He launched forward.

The End

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