Chapter 2 - Sound and FuryMature

Marsden sat up and shook his head. He scrunched his face, then opened his mouth wide, and shook his head one last time, “Wow that was loud!”

            Yassym and Lady Templin sprang from their hiding places and charged the castle. Having been situated to Marsden’s right and only about ten yards away, the place where the tree line came closest to the castle.

            While at the same time on the opposite side, Ramwolf, a man standing six foot, weighing about two hundred twenty pounds wearing armor very different from Marsden and Templin, strode onto the field atop of a mighty brown stallion carrying a four foot long slightly curved sword.

            From between the three, a short man barely five feet six inches burst forth, his tiny knobbed legs carrying his stocky body a great distance in only a short period. The men of the stronghold were stunned to say the least.

            Finally, Captain Derik managed to choke out through the lingering haze, “Fire, men! Fire at will! These men and women are considered enemies to the Great Behemoth and they shall be puni—innneeggak!”

            He was yanked hard to the left, through the remaining dust he made out Grom’s wrinkled face.

            “You … are  ... an idiot…” was all Grom could manage before he fell backward then slipped through the large gap that had been blasted through the balconies. However a second before the old man’s frail body crashed into the rubble of the second story balcony, a faded version of the man floated above the body like an apparition…

The End

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