End of Chap. 1 - The Device finally works!Mature

             This can’t be good if he could’ve stopped her spell, he would have by now! Marsden’s thoughts referring to his magic friendly Knight-in-Arms, Yassym Spearsborn.

            Yassym’s dark, graying eyebrows raised furling his forehead, and even causing undulations on top of his clear dome, only hair present was on the sides and back. Even it was beginning to gray from its once dark brown.

            A fist punched him in the shoulder, he winced, “Ow!” A blonde headed lady appeared to be in her late twenties, knelt down beside him, “Are you going to just sit here while Marsden gets fried?”

            She too was clad in radiant armor, whereas Yassym had on a simple teal green robe, with a collared blue tunic underneath, “Lady Templin please, the gods are very upset right now,” Yassym was making excuses, as he repeated, “They are not to be bothered right now.”

            “So you’re saying Marsden’s all alone out there against a fresh new temptress?” Templin spoke harshly, “And a brigade of archers??”

            He opened his mouth as if he were going to object, but had no grounds with which to do so, closed his mouth, blinked heavily and said, “Yeah, pretty much.”

            Her azure eyes mesmerized him for a moment, and he blinked again looking down. But no sooner had the words left his lips, a tumultuous roar rose up from the stronghold and they turned to see a large dust cloud with chunks of stone, debris and even soldiers were flailing through the air.

The End

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