Melise: Apprentice, Sorceress, SlaveMature

            The wrinkly old man, with thinning white hair peered at the younger man, his tiny beady eyes seemed to stare right through Deric, he cocked his head to the left, grinned extravagantly, showing sickly thin, long teeth and made a kind of affirmative grunt.

             He appeared amused, “Rocks, you say?”

            “Y-yea-yes, sir!” Deric said, trying hard to stay his laughter, he looked away for a second, and then back again.

Grom turned and leaned hard against the balcony’s wall, “Marsden. Marsden Braxton!!”

            The man’s screech reached across the expanse and even rattled Marsden’s eardrums, now standing fully, “Yeah, Grimly! How art thou?!” Marsden comfortably put his fists on his hips.

            Grom hesitated for a second, “Curse you, Brimstone! You are like a thorn in his backside!”

            Marsden responded, “Pleasure’s all mine, you sick old fart!”

            Grom snarled back, grinning, ending in a sing-song tone, “Meet my lovely new assistant, Sir Knight,” One of the doors popped opened, creaking, and a velvet deep purple cloak stepped out, “She’s been one exceptional student!”

            Yeah, right! Marsden thought, Probably forced into it!

The End

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