Introducing GromMature

            Marsden slid down onto his right knee exactly as he’d been told, there a soft patch of dirt was waiting on him, sand and dirt kicked into the air. Then the worse sound a lone soldier could ever want to hear in the middle of a clear field, “Fire!”, a hundred or more arrows being loosed.

            Deric sneered, “Let’s see your magic user deflect all of them! Ha!”

            Marsden instinctively made himself into as small a target as possible, and ducked his head down. The arrows soared downward, a mere twelve feet away when a wall of dirt erupted from the ground just in front of young Knight.

            “Dammit!” The officer swore, and then squinted as he watched the dirt along with the arrows fall away, and Marsden stood up, launching a solid object through the air. Deric tried to make it out as it soared toward the castle.

            “Hold!” He called out, as the object got closer, he could see that it was only a mere rock! “Gah! Hahahaha!!”

            Captain Deric laughed hard, the others did as well, until the sickly old voice was heard, “What the hell is so damned funny?!”

            They quieted quickly, a few on the second level snickered and the officer replied, “The Knight believes he can defeat their stronghold with rocks!”

The End

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