Magic vs ArrowsMature

            Marsden hated not having his weapons at the ready and instead relying on magical means for protection. The next two arrows soared outward and went to each side of Marsden jabbing indefinitely into the ground. Captain Deric shook his head and raised the small ivory horn to his lips and blew.

            The turbulent sound filled the air, awaking birds that’d been resting in the shade of trees nearby. It even seemed to rustle the insects out of their daze…

            Perspiration drained off of Marsden’s face and the back of his head appeared as though it had been drenched with his waterskin. He wished he had time for such pleasantries that was actually pouring the waterskin on his head. Under the current situation, however, that mattered little.

            Just a bit further, He thought.

            Dennis and Wade drew arrows once again, and released. The arrows dropped straight down only after a couple feet. Their heads flinched back, angrily they grabbed for their next two arrows when trembling befell the castle walls. The rest of the archer battalion was mobilizing.

            I really hope Yassym don’t let him down, Marsden thought as he turned sharply to the right, because his initial charge was leading him straight toward the center of the citadel, where he’d have been exposed to a multitude of arrows, whereas going to the extreme side, one way or the other granted him less missiles to deal with or technically less for his Knightly brethren to manage. The one schooled in the magical arts anyhow.

            “Archers ready!” The command was heard and quickly followed by a chorus of creaking and tightening strings.

The End

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