Marsden arrives!Mature

            Captain Deric flinched, he almost couldn’t believe what he was seeing as he pointed, and shouted, “There!”

            Dennis and Wade were startled as well, and quickly went for their bows, but the Captain yelled down, “Don’t fire until ordered!!”

            Panic riddled his voice.

            “Yes, sir!” They replied each grabbing an arrow and notching it. The man ran with incredible speed, his legs didn’t appear to be moving normal and finally the officer got a clear look at the man’s features, feathered blondish brown hair, rugged yet boyish looks, about twenty-two or twenty-three years old, short, well-built….

            “Marsden,” he breathed, “It’s a Knight!! Fire! Kill him!” He pointed fiercely, “Fire at will!”

            The yell echoed throughout the air, yet Marsden, the Knight, was unfazed. His brilliant chest plate armor dazzled as the sunlight danced off it. His eyes squinted into tiny slits, his breathing as regular as possible, given the circumstances; a scabbard and a rucksack hanging on his right side, a longer scabbard on his left, along with a solid steel shield strapped tight to his back.

           The equipment seemed to bounce rhythmically as his feet dug into the barren, rain-deprived ground. Two arrows flew at him and were equally driven off to either side as if some foreign disembodied sword had deflected them away.

            Dennis and Wade looked at one another then notched another arrow. Captain Deric looked on, weighing the options of whether he should raise the alarm.

The End

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