Capt. DericMature

            “Why for god’s sakes, no!” Dennis’s face crunched together as if it reinforced his position, then he stood fully upright, “The best time to attack is under the cover of night!”

            The insects’ cries got louder as the two men confronted one another in the verbal argument, then a man on the third story balcony called down to them, “You two, shut your whiny baby mouths!”

            They went silent, and looked up, “You’ve been given orders to watch the Northern front, there’s reports of Knights in the area!”

            The two looked at each other, then back up again, “Knights?!”

            They guffawed at the ridiculousness of such a report, “Cap’n Deric? Whadd’they do?” Dennis started, Wade finished, “They catch a ride on a flying carpet?” They slapped and punched at one another as they continued laughing.

            Captain Deric, the officer standing on the third story shook his head, and then as he opened his mouth to speak again, the insects suddenly went quiet and the breeze lessened.

            A look of great concern came over the soldier’s already hardened face; something wasn’t right and for good reason. He looked out across the clearing that extended a good twenty yards into the tree line, from which a lone figure burst forth, running… fast.

The End

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