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This is my fantasy novel. I've been working on it for years now, well taking breaks here and there, but I find myself always coming back to it for one reason or another. I feel like it has a medieval, Lord of the Rings vibe to it, though without all the McGuffin business. I've tried hard to stay away from that, my characters have to put in the work to turn things around! haha!

  Hounded by his past, and afraid of the future… Our story will be seen through the eyes of a certain individual whose role will become one of providence and reconciliation, his name is Marsden Braxton.

  The world has been through a traumatic age: having defended, for several months now, against a tyrant composed entirely of evil the people of this day and age have grown tired and weak.

  However, on the horizon change comes in the form of a group of individuals united, willing to sacrifice their lives to see the evil tyrant destroyed. They are deemed Knights of the Realm, commended by the great King Jehosh Greyhawk himself.

  Marsden has recently been inducted to this group and they have begun a campaign that will only have two ends. Redeem this world from the unending cycles of war and poverty or lead it down the dark road of destruction once and for all.

  Unfortunately a terrible secret lingers in the shadows and in the minds of only a select few. This secret could render the world helpless, or free it totally from bondage.

  The Knights have been trained to hone their own individual skills to near perfection, and with their recently appointed, mysterious new leader, Lord Christos, they may very well do the impossible.

  Having only been in a few battles, Marsden begins to feel he is but a pawn in the larger scheme of things, though once he realizes his true purpose… Some people will take on different roles, personas, and finally the truth will be revealed.

Love not the sword for its sharpness, the arrow for its swiftness,

nor the warrior for his glory. 

Love only that which they defend.


The End

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