Random little short story I made up one day of a sheet of glass, a chair and a pen.

Glass, Chair and Pen casually walk in a park. "You know my people could kill all the humans and rule the world." says Glass.

"Humans break you too much, besides if the humans stand on me and one of my legs break they may fall and break something and die." Chair argues.

"Please, I'm easy to make, people use me for a lot of things and little babies and kids could stab their eyes out, or adults step on them, or choke on my cap, or get ink poisoning. Best of all, you need me to allow the production of both of you. I could stop everything, build more of me and rule the world" Pen argues. Glass and Chair agree while Glass breaks onto the sidewalk cutting a bystander, Chair trips him and pen makes him land perfectly onto his sharp point.

The End

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