"The weapons here are absolutely fascinating." Adena mused, toying with a gun as she moved her piece, "Checkmate."

Dominic stared at the board, laughing.

"In three moves?!"

"You're not exactly a difficult opponent. I've done better." she said, not a trace of pride in her voice.

Dominic moved a knight from its starting position to knock down Adena's queen on the other side of the board.

"Ha. Check that!"

Adena sighed and waved a hand, making the board disappear.

"You, sir, are absolutely hopeless. That was a complete infringement upon the rules of the game."

He stood up and shrugged.

"I don't like rules. They're boring."

"Well they are the reason why you're standing here, so I wouldn't challenge them."

"Where in the rules does it say that we get teleported to the world of mortals?!"

"I'm sure there is some logical explanation."

"Or maybe, just maybe, there isn't! Maybe there's an illogical explanation!"

"Please, you two, stop it." Ross interrupted, holding up a tablet, "Believe it or not you've had this argument at least a thousand times, and we actually have work to do. That is, if you both aren't too busy arguing like an old married couple."

Adena scowled and shook her head.

"Married? To that pig? Never."

Ross raised an eyebrow and smirked. She'd be surprised.

"I've been researching where the Gorgons manifested on earth historically." Ross continued, ignoring her comment, "And the good news is that one of them is already dead and six feet under. They used to live on an island in the Aethiopian Sea."

Adena interrupted rapidly.

"You mean the southern Atlantic ocean. That name is absolutely obsolete in this day and age."

"Yes, of course." Ross replied, gritting his teeth.

Love and logic weren't exactly meant to get along.

"We're in the state of Wisconsin right now, so we have no choice but take a plane ride there."

Dominic looked intrigued.

"What's a plane?"

The End

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