The Luxor, Tequilla and Aliens.

It was 24:00 and the party was far from over. The music throbbed,  rivers of tequilla flowed and what was once a swimming pool was now stacked with Benjamins.

1111. Read the number in bold outside the door. One of the LUXOR's most top end suite. Rather the best. Armed with 3 Bathrooms, 5 Bedrooms and 2 living rooms, there was no other suite that could even compare itself to the
Highe Rollere Villae, Luxor's best accomodation.

Inside the villa, every part of the room was filled with celebrities who ruled the TV channels, controlled more than a billion dollars and had a networth beyond the amount of zeros known to humans.

Everyone from 50 Cent to Tom Cruise had made their way to "Sin City" A.k.A Las Vegas, the Entertainment capital of the world. Their visit's primary concern was the Mindblaster's party on the Luxor Rollere Villae. After all, who wouldn't attend a rich prodigy's party? Especially if media was around and the venue extravagant? Media was like free advertising for these people. Future films, projects and albums all came after a minimum of 7 hard shots of Patron, powered by hard cocktails and rich production companies.

Admist the crowd, a simple creature coated in black sat at a corner. His forehead and eyes were covered by a hood which almost blended with his body. The lower part of his face had a black scarf slithered around, making it impossible to see the creature's face. He was dressed in a pure black robe, custom made of silk, not a signle inch of his skin was visible.

Easily mistaken for a shadow or a part of the black leather sofa, he didn't get a single glance from any visitor that night. However the creature's attention had remained undiverted. He had focued his apparent eyes at the host of the party,  a young boy in his late teens. Dressed in a brown coat with a white shirt underneath, the toatl outfit had costed him more than thousand dollars. The jeans had no price tag and in its place was an EMI scheme to pay the fee, but nothing was too expensive for Dusand. 

The creature observed Dusand closely, wondering how the heck would a rich spoilt teenager carry himself a million light years away to the MotherPlanet of Universe.

"All in good time, Syrin, all in good time" he muttered to himself and vanished in the air.


The End

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