Area 51, Nevada

It was dark. A blanket of blackness hung over the untouched dunes. The darkness also bought silence.  They blended together like Whiskey and Soda.  Calm, Quiet and Dark. The only source of light were the twinkling stars above.

Somewhere in the distance a quite hum was heard.

It was getting louder every second, until the vehicle was visible. A black speck, blurry and distant , was getting larger every second until it finally resembled the jaunt shape of an expensive SUV, powered with a Four Wheel Drive. The windows were tinted flat black, making it Impossible to even make out the outline of the driver.

"Pecuilar"  Thought the watchman. "I never received a call from the gatesman.What is this car doing here?"

As the watchman stared at the hologram of the car in-front of him, he decided it was time for a quick eat and nap. 
"Screw the car" He Thought "Might just be the PM.
That stupid old git of a gatesman must be sleeping already" 

And he made his way through the thicket of wires, to the cookery, where a delicious meal of peanut butter awaited him. How was he to know that his mere ignorance could result in the end of the world? 

The End

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