Aea 51: The Rosewell Aliens

Delna was late. George was annoyed, how could Delna be late for work? It was one of those things that irrtated George. From the day George had opened up a secret lab, Delna had shown up five minutes before the start up time, pleasing George with her lovely lit up face. Today she was five minutes late. Something was wrong.

Delna was George's lab partner, he had known her for a couple of years and had even taught her for three years in MIT. One of the most brilliant student George had ever taught, he was astounded when she offered to become his lab partner. George had agreed blindly.

The two quantum physicists had been working on the project for over a year now. They were secretly building a time machine. The first experiment had worked perfectly and they had managed to transport a pencil to a couple of minutes in the future.

Today was supposed to be the big day, when they were going to test the time machine on humans.

George gave a quick glance at his pure gold watch. 8:15, the clock's hand showed.

"Have the Rosewell Aliens, abducted my dear Delna?" he joked to himself.

"Exactly on the point. You got that one right, oh you did" said a Voice in his head.

And by the sound of it, he knew that the voice wasn't his.



The End

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