Area 51: The Prologue

It was very peculiar that sand-dunes of Nevada had been in the similar shape from the nineteen hundreds.

It was however more peculiar that they hadn't moved a inch since their formation. This was uncommon in these parts because the desert produced more than a dozen sand-storms in a day, and it was literally impossible for the dunes to stay in the same place and not shift a inch.

Anyone Native to Nevada could easily make out that these were not sand dunes. On further Observation they would discover that the dunes were actually, just a thin layer of plastic. the layer of plastic had been covered with adhensive and then showered with sand. This gave the fake dunes a normal dune's look.

But no one noticed these peculiarities. No one even came a couple of miles near the dunes.

This was because the Dunes fell into the property of a secretive Military Base Camp.

Area 51.

But now our mind is Sub-merged in this question:

"What is inside the dunes?"

And there is However only a one answer to this question.

"The World's Greatest Kept Secret"

"A Secret which holds the survival of mankind"


The End

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