Are You Really Alone?

Its a "you choose the ending" story. You pick correct, or something bad could happen!

You run down the stairs by two at a time, heading towards the bathroom. You hop in the shower quickly, washing your hair and body fast, you don't want to miss the bus again! Hopping out of the shower you quickly dry off with the 'My Little Pony' towel. Hey, it was the only one you had clean! Putting on your fave outfit (which may or may not be clean), you run to the kitchen to get breakfast. You take a cerial bar, hug your mom and dad, pat your little sister on the head, and run out to catch the bus.

You make it to the bus stop with a few minutes to spare, when the popular kids drive past in their brand new convertable. They invite you to come with them for a ride, something you've wanted to do for a long time, but you can't be late for school again or you'll get detention.

Do you go with them or take the bus?

The End

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