Friendship is the Best Present of All

Evaline burst through the door just ahead of Liza.  "Mom!  Dad!  I finaly found it!" she called barely able to contain herself.

"Found what?" her mother asked.

"My Christmas present!" Evaline chirped excitedly.  Both parents looked at each other, a mixture of shock and confusion and even moreso when Liza cam onto their doorstep.  "Everyone, this is Liza and she's my Christmas present!"

"She's mine too!" Liza laughed and hugged her new friend.

It was then Evaline's parents understood what Evaline's adventures for the past few days had meant. 

"And what a lovely Christmas present it is," Evaline's father noted.

"Yes, friendship is the best present of all," her mother added.

Evaline and Liza smiled at each other and nodded.  "Sure is," they said in unison and couldn't help but laugh happily.


The End.

The End

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