Back Outside Again

Evaline awoke with a start and looked out to see the day had started without her.  Oh no!  I've gotta get moving or it'll be Christmas and the presents won't get here!  She thought in a panic and pulled on her clothes and ran downstairs in a tizzy.

She rushed past her parents who watched after Evaline a little concerned.

"Everything ok dear?" her father called to her as she pulled her boots on her feet.

"Ya, I'm fine.  Just going back out exploring."

"Now what have you learned from last time?" her mother asked a little sternly, reminding Evaline of her little scare in the woods.

"Don't go into the woods.  I know Momma, I won't," Evaline promised and stood up to go.

"Alright then, good luck and be back before dark," her mother called after Evaline but she was already running out the door into the yard.

Evaline walked out to the front sidewalk and pulled out the compass to use.  Her dad always used it when they went hiking in the woods and said it told him where he was going.  Holding the compass up, Evaline frowned and looked at it strangely.  She didn't know reading a compass was so complicated.  She grew tired of it and put it back in her backpack and walked down the sidewalk, letting landmarks be her guide.

After a few minutes, she found herself just outside the park down the street from her house.  She ran over to the jungle gym to see if she could get a better view of where her presents could be coming from.  There was no one else in the park except her as she climbed on top and looked around the expansive land.

"Drat, nothing!" she said discouraged and slid down the slide in a slump.  There was no way she was going to find her presents.  Not in time for Christmas.  Feeling very disappointed, she stood up and got read to go home.

As she did so, a young girl about her age ran into the park with her mother and headed straight to the jungle gym to play.

"Hi!" she called out cheerily to Evaline.

"Hi," Evaline said a little down.

"My name's Liza, why are you so down?" she asked curiously as she climbed up towards the top of the slide.

"I've been looking for my Christmas presents to help them get to my house, but I haven't found them and it's Christmas Eve," she said glumly, "I don't think I'll ever find them."

Liza nodded a bit and sat at the top of the slide.  "Well Momma told me that sometimes presents travel through the mail, like big packages they deliver to your door.  We get packages every year from my family back home."

"You do?" Evaline asked curiously.

"Uh huh, my family and all my relatives back in my home country exchange presents every year through the mail.  Sometimes their present is when they come to visit!" Liza said excitedly and slid down the slide toward Evaline, beaming when she reached the bottom.  "Like a really big special delivery!"

After hearing that, Evaline knew right there that she knew where her present was.  "Are you my Christmas present?" she asked Liza.

Liza smiled and scratched her head in thought.  "Well I guess I just visited you, so I guess I am!" she said very happily.

Evaline bounced happily and took Liza's hand.  "Wanna come back and meet my family?  I can meet yours too!" she asked getting very exited.

"Okay!"  Liza answered, "There's just me and my Mom over there."

"Okay, I can't wait to meet your Mom!" Evaline said excitedly and the pair raced over and announced their friendship to Liza's mother.  After introductions and a little convincing, Liza's mother allowed Liza to go back to Evaline's for the day so she and Evaline returned back home to Evaline's parents to break the good news.

The End

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