Back Outside Again

After finishing her cocoa, Evaline hopped off the kitchen chair and headed back towards the door where her snowy coat and boots were.  She looked back to see her mother up on a stool, grabbing something from the upper shelves in the cupboards. 

Evaline turned and looked up at her mother.  "Momma, can I go out and try to find the presents?" she asked, remembering their talk from a few moments ago.

Her mother eased herself off the stool with a spice jar in her hands for the Christmas baking.  "Alright Evaline but remember, don't go far."

"Alright momma," she said and pulled her boots and coat on before trotting out into the snowy world outside.

After looking around her back and front yard a bit, Evaline came to the conclusion that the presents weren't around the house.  She bit her lip a bit.  Christmas was in a few days and the presents were nowhere to be found.

Evaline looked over at the gate to the woods behind her house and peeked around to make sure her parents weren't looking.  She wasn't allowed back there on her own but this was a time of despearate measures, Christmas depended on this.

When the coast was clear, Evaline ran like the wind to the gate and managed to open it with a branch that came off the tree last night.  After unlatching the lock, she slipped out and closed it tight behind her and set off into the white woods ahead of her.

The End

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