Present Travels

Evaline didn't get far before she heard a voice calling after her.

"Evaline!  Evaline, what do you think you're doing!?"

Evaline turned around to see her mother leaning out her bedroom window and looking down at Evaline with a crossed expression.  "Well?" she asked with a bit less patience.

Evaline traced little circles in the snow by her toes and shrugged a little bit.  "I wanted to go exploring," she said softly.

Evaline's mother sighed a bit and her expression softened.  "Come inside Evaline, we have to talk about something."

Evaline nodded and shuffled back towards the house, looking down at the snow as she went.

When she was back inside, Evaline hung up her coat and boots and trotted over into the kitchen.  Her mother was already there pouring cups of hot cocoa and placing them on the table.  Evaline licked her frozen lips excitedly and blew over the chocolatey liquid to help it cool.

"Evaline, why did you want to go out exploring?"

Evaline frowned a bit, wondering how she could explain it to her mother.  She knew the presents came here from somewhere else.  She didn't know where that 'someplace else' was but she figured the parcels just travelled on their own to their house for wherever they came from.  Evaline got worried tinking about the parcels travelling.  What if they got lost?  What if something bad happened to them?  Evaline sighed and figured she'd just try explaining it as best she could to her mother.  "Well, I was hoping I could help the presents get here faster, in time for Christmas," she said finally.

Evaline's mother turned her head sideways a bit confused.  "How so Evaline?"

"If I found them and helped them get here, they wouldn't get lost or hurt."

Evaline's mother was still confused by what her daughter was trying to explain but just shrugged it off as an imaginary phase.  "Alright, you can do that but let us know where you're going first, and if you want to explore beyond the yard, one of us has to come with you.  Ok?"

"Ok momma," Evaline said and silenced the conversation when she held the mug up to drink the rest fo the cocoa.

The End

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