Are You My Christmas Present?

a rendition of the kids book "Are you my mother?" but a tad different.

There once was a little girl by the name of Evaline.  She was 6 and a half years old and lived in a simple family with her mummy and daddy and the family dog named Spot.

One winter when Evaline was small, her parents cut down a big pine tree and brought it into the house.  They put little decorations and strings of lights all over it and placed a big shiny star on the top of the tree.  As all of this was happening, little Evaline watched her parents with a curious expression.


"Momma, what are you doing?"

"Your father and I are decorating the Christmas tree."

"What's a chi- a Christmas tree?" she asked, stumbling a bit on the pronunciation of christmas.

"Christmas is a holiday that happens once a year.  Everyone decorates a pine tree like this one and gives gifts to each other."

Evaline turned her head to the side a bit and looked at the bare area beneath the tree.  "But there's nothing there."

"That's because the presents haven't come yet."

Evaline looked up at her mother with a desperate look.  "When?"

"On the 25th, which is next wednesday."

"Ok momma," Evaline said and stood up to go explore elsewhere.


It had been a couple of years since then and Evaline understood the concept of Christmas now.  Every Christmas morning, she'd wake up and sure enough, there were gifts under the tree that weren't there the night before.  Some were for her, some for her mother and father, even Spot got a present every year. 

But this year felt different.  Evaline didn't want to wait until Christmas morning.  She thought that her present was in the winter wonderland outside and was trying to get to her house in time for Christmas Eve.  So she decided, she was going to find her christmas present and help it get to her house on time.

The saturday before christmas, Evaline woke up early in the morning and immediately got up and put her winter gear on.  She knew of she was going to find her present that she'd have to start looking for it early.  While her parents were still asleep, she tiptoed to the back door in the kitchen and slipped out of the house and into the snowy white world outside.

The End

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