LOZ fanfic. What If link could talk but no one could hear him? What would he say? There will be a lot of yelling probably. I appologize if I am not accurate to the story line, it's in the wind waker universe.

A/N my first fic, it's a wind waker fic, I don't know much on video games, like I'm not obssessed but these are always really funny.

A little girl runs across a beach with a telescope in her hand, she keeps yelling OY, but there is a sign floating in he sky that says big brother. She reacches this wierd treehouse lookout thing and  finds a boy there, her brother, and wakes him. He gets up and looks at her.

"Oh hey Aryll. Wait, could you repeat that? I forgot to read your text bubble thingy." He says. Aryll just continues to change position and blink while text goes by on the magical floating sign. -Insert name here- sighs.

oh wait, I forgot to imput the name. Goes to game menu, restartswith new file and puts caracter name as Sammy. Waits patiently as scene repeats its self.

Sammy sighs. "great the scene restarted and I still forgot to read what she said." Sammy said. "And why the hell did the author name me Sammy? Isn't the traditional name link? This is so wierd. Oh Aryll's waiting for me to press the button so she can keep talking..." He presses a little swirley green thing in the corner of the floating sign. New text appears. Link reads it. 'Big brother you're still half asleep aren't you? Did you forget what day it is today?'

"Huh? Oh yah today is my birthday, I wouldn't forget that, not six times five was enough to remember the date. How old I am, I can't remember though. I come of age today right? What age does that mean? 12? 18?" he says. He realises Aryll is waiting for him to press the button so he does. 'big brother it's your BIRTHDAY!' she 'says'

"Yes I know. I just finished saying that. Anyway, I have to go. Grandma will want to see me." He starts to leave. But presses the swirly button before he goes to see what Aryll has to say. 'Grandma wants to see you, over ta/ne,' the camera zooms away until you see a house.

"Yes I know Aryll, I just said that, and I know where I live thank you. Those 165 times I got lost were just flukes." Aryll pays no attention and every time he tries to talk to her she repeats the same thing again and again and again. He sighs and leaves.

A/N thanks for reading, first chapter done! Tell me if I made any madjor mistakes in the story line and I will fix them Thanks!

The End

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