Are You Immortal?Mature

Four girls friends are best friends and are witches. They are very powerful but they don't receive all their powers until their 18th Birthday. But there is one twist to the powers; Use them too much then they take advantage of you and eventually erode your body away. The four girls do everything in their power to help each other but when things start happening in the town which isnt down to them then things start getting strange. Another world is being shown! But the witches know that the other

Chapter one

2nd May 2010 11:30pm
Dear Diary
Its exactly one month until my 18th Birthday. I should be excited and I should be asleep but how can I be when I know something terrible is going to happen. 
OK I don’t know why I said that something terrible will happen. Maybe its because my instincts are telling me that. 
I know we’re not alone in this town anymore. Something else is here. But what? Last week I walked to school and there was a different vibe in the air. It was as if all the trees were grabbing down to reach me; I probably thought this though because of the weather. Yeah, its meant to be nice weather, I admit it always rains in Bridgnorth but still, the weather had been beautiful a few days before last week. It was just that one day which changed everything, the weather, people’s moods, and my powers.
Ameretat and I went searching in the woods today for anything unusual but we found nothing. Even Nefertiti tried to use her beauty to manipulate the boys at school, to see if they knew anything. But nothing! Freya went to Mrs Dawsons’ house to see if she can feel anything unusual and Mrs Dawson just said "the time will come!" What on earth is that suppose to mean?
Mrs Dawsons is an old witch, more powerful then any other I have met, but three years ago she gave up her powers so she could grow old and live with her new husband. She still has instincts though so she can still tell if there is bad in the town. Its funny really. She may have no powers but Freya, Neferetiti, Ameretat and I still look up to her for guidance.
I will admit that I am scared but why? Its just a feeling. Just my instincts that are telling me something bad will happen. Great!
I honestly feel like laughing, but last time I doubted my instincts it nearly got me killed. I need to talk to Freya but she’s visiting her gran’pa this weekend so I guess I will talk to Ameretat and Nefertiti.
Well I guess I should get some sleep… Tomorrow is going to be a big day! I will tell you all about it tomorrow-if im still alive! Okay, I don’t know why I wrote that either.

Gertrude places her velvet, purple coloured diary on her bed side table and just sat there, staring at nothing. Her eyes then lay on the diary, it was like waiting for it to open and all her secrets spilling out and killing her-of course that wouldn’t happen! But anything can happen, Gertrude thought, no matter how much I try to deny that fact. It’s funny how something so small and fragile can hold so much. 

The velvet, dark purple coloured diary holds Gertrudes's life secrets in it. Nearly eighteen years of secrets; which are so far out of anyone’s expectations. The diary holds the day of when she met Freya. The sun was shining and it was the first day of school. Gertrude was in the school playground talking to Amanda-her ma'am, when she saw Freya. She was being bullied by a group of the "it" girls. Gertrude felt sorry for Freya so she ran over to her and looked at the girls with such anger that they all ran away in tears. That was the day she started to write. Gertrude's ma'am brought her her first diary that day and she still has it, the velvet, dark purple coloured diary may be old but its still trust worthy and has never judged her-maybe because it cant write back. That was the day Gertrude made her first friend and it was that day in which Amanda knew Gertrude was special.

Gertrude fell into a deep sleep by thinking of how she met Freya. She knew she must of been dreaming because Ameretat was there in her dream - this wasn’t the reason why she thought she was dreaming, because Gertrude is always with Ameretat and she might of been with her anyway, but she wasnt. It was the fact that her hair wasn’t a dark brown anymore, it was more of a grey-which is impossible because Ameretat wont grow old, none of them will grow old when they turn eighteen. That wasn’t the only thing which was weird. She was talking backwards, as if her life was turning backwards. Which isn’t possible, not even to an immortal or to any member of the supernatural.

“taerg regnad seil daeha-” Ameretat then pauses and drinks some tea, which is now in her hand and wasn’t before-another reason to why she is dreaming. “owt, owt, sregnarts owt-” another pause whilst Ameretat smiles, showing teeth which are full of decay. “yllaer lufrewop os eraweb, ti yam ton eb tahw ti smees.” It was if Gertrude was hit by a lightening bolt because her whole body jerked forward and she was now stitting awake. Sweat was dripping from her body and her eyes were burning; it felt like the sun was in her bedroom and was burning her up. However that isn’t possible because it’s still dark outside.

Gertrude quickly grabbed her diary and wrote exactly what she heard. It was difficult to flip the words around without them being written in front of her written but she managed because of her turning imortal/ Her mind is stronger then the others and she could slow the words down and can play them over again- as if there was a play, pause, stop, fast worward and a rewind button in her brain. The strange thing was what the words said “great danger lies ahead. Two. Two. Strangers two. Really Powerful. So Beware, it may not be what it seems.”

Is this a warning? Great danger lieas ahead. Could this mean danger is on the way. And then two strangers, could this mean that the two strangers are the danger? It may not be what it seems. Nothing ever is!

The phone started ringing and Gertrude nearly had an heart attack. She was really shaken up by this dream. Before answering the phone, she looked at the clock, 3:47am. Who is ringing at this hour?

"Hello?" But before she could ask who it was she was cut off by hysterical screams and cries. 

"Ger-r-r-trude-" the voice cried but was cut off by Gertrude's panick.

"Ameretat? Is that you? Speak to me!"

"A dream..." more cries, "you-"

"Ameretat, i'm comming over... Stay there, dont do anything." She hung up on Ameretat's cries and quickly got dressed. Usually Gertrude would look in the mirror three times before leaving the house, but not now. She needed to talk to Ameretat. She said "a dream", did she have the same dream as me, Gertrude thought.

Ameretat's house is one of the 'original' house in which were built here in Bridgnorth. It's so old that it looks like it could fall down at any moment. Lucky for Ameretat it wont. The inside looks like the outside- old.

Gertrude runs up the stairs. These are the stairs in which they ran up seven years ago when trying to hide alcohol from the parents- it didnt work though! Gertrude knows this house better then her own. If she went up another flight of stairs then she would end up in Ameretat's ma'am and pa's room. Instead she went in the door to the right of her and found Ameretat lying on her bed, still sobbing.

"What's wrong A?" Gertrude asks as she sits beside Ameretat. When Gertrude and Ameretat met they made nicknames for each other. A for Ameretat, F for Freya, N for Neferetiti and they call Gertrude G, but sometime Gertrude likes to be called Gertrude. It makes her feel more "powerful".

"I had a dream. What happened to immortalitly? I thought i wouldnt grow old!" She paused to let out a silent cry, "I dont want to grow old!" 

"A, you know your dream?" Gertrude waited for a nod and then continued, "well i want you to describe it to me." 

"Well, i was old, like really, really old.I had-" She paused and looked at her hands, as if in embarasment. "grey hair." She let out a cry. The reason why Ameretat was afraid of growing old is because her power and spirit is made for immortality. Even before her parents knew about her becoming a "witch" her name was still bound to immortality and having a long life.

"Was you speaking backwards, A? Was i there? Were your teeth decaying also? Was it sunny? Was-"

"G, how do you know this?" Ameretat asked, she had strength in her voice now. She was worried. How did Gertrude know my dream, she thought.

"A, something weird is happening. I had that dream!" Gertrude grabbed for her bag, it had her diary in it. "Great danger lies ahead. Two. Two. Strangers two. Really Powerful. So Beware, it may not be what it seems.”

"What are you talking about, G?" Ameretat asked, looking at Gertrude as if she was
a bomb and might explode any moment.

"These are the backward words but forward!" She almost screamed but remembered that Ameretat's parents were upstairs and could wake any moment.

"Let me call Neferetiti!" Was all Ameretat said. She was concerned for her friend. Never in eighteen years have any of them ever shared the same dream and never has that dream been some sort of a warning.

Neferetiti, Ameretat and Gertrude were all sitting on the floor at the bottom of Ameretat's bed. Each had a blanket wrapped around them and each of them had a face of seriousness. If Freya was there now then it would be the four best friends of Bridgnorth.

"So you both had the same dream." Neferetiti confusingly said for the fifth time in half an hour.

"Yes!" Gertrude sighed.

"Thats what i dont understand though-" Ameretat began but Gertrude cut her off by saying.

"But my powers are due to be active... Perhaps this has something to do with it." Gertrude whispered. She was afraid that her world was crumbling on her. It was a warning and she knew it. Two strangers? Does the world just expect me to wait around for my fate, Gertrude thought.

"I need to ring Reuben-" Gertrude said aloud without thinking. Reuben is Freya's Gran'pa and he is also a very powerful witch-well was.

"You know that isnt possible, Reuben is dying G, he needs Freya, she can't be here, not now!" Neferetiti whispered in an angry voice. Neferetiti was always angry when things happened that she couldnt explain.

Gertrude kept thinking about ringing Reuben. Should i wait until A and N are asleep, she thought as Neferetiti and Ameretat talked about the boys at school. Gertrude was listening until she heard Zakh's name; He was her boyfriend for two years, but last year Gertrude ended the relationship because she didnt want him being dragged into her troubles.



"Eh?" Gertrude was startled and didnt know what was going on. "I'm fine... Sorry! I'm tired." She lied and faked a yawn to make it sound real. Why should i lie to be best friends? She thought as she lay down on her sleeping bag. 

Gertrude closed her eyes and fell to sleep, although she tried not to. Guess she was more tired then she felt. Ameretat and Neferetiti fell asleep not long after, they didnt want to wake Gertrude up. 

"Daaan-" This voice had my immediate attention, but why? It sounds familiar yet i've never saw the face. "-help, PLEASE!" the voice cried and the strangers face looked in pain. "D? D? What you doing? It's me!" The voice screamed in pain as i walked towards the strangers body. 

The body was nailed to a tree. We're in the woods! How did we get here? I'm scared. Before taking another step i look around me. I need to get my surroundings right before i panic.

"Who are you?" I ask. Well atleast i thought i asked. It musnt be me. My voice sounds different and brave. I need some answers, whats going on?

"Daniella, its me Richard. Please help, its burning!" Richard screamed. The screaming cut me off all my thoughts but it still ran through my mind, who's Daniella? Why am i Daniella in my dream? Shouldnt Richard be calling me-Gertrude?

"Richard?" I asked- well Daniella asked in a confussed voice. This is seriously one messed up dream. I walked up towards William and touched him, his body jerked immediatly from my touch and then his eyes flashed open. The green eyes there held me breathless. I tried to move my focus from his eyes but it didnt happen. Well when he hissed and jumped off the tree, thats when reality kicked back in.

"Daniella... Bad mistake, havent you learnt anything yet?" Richard hissed and smiled. I screamed, i knew i screamed because my whole body shook with fear and regret. What is Richard? I need to know, NOW! Because fangs came down from his canine teeth. This can only mean one thing. Vampire.

"G, are you oka?" Ameretat whispered to a screaming Gertrude. What just happened, Gertrude thought.

"Yeah, fine, bad dream." Gertrude mumbled, although it wasn't fine and she knew that. She also knew that is wasn't a dream. If Gertrude's Gran'ma Louisa was still alive then she would ask her what was wrong, but she wasn't, she couldnt. The only other option is to speak to Reuben. The only question is... How?

The End

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