Are We Weak!!!

This story is about to begin with a question. Without further discription about the same would like most of you to read and answer on your own

with Love

"Are v weak? Why does it happen that we are more affected from our external factors and in the sequence of the same just forget as to where and in what our true happiness lies?"

I was almost in panic condition, which compelled me to move to my bed for a nap, after a long time in afternoon. It has been years, since I have slept during my day hrs.
I just wanted a response. Negative or positive was not that important for me at that hr, but, a response was necessary. I had the gut feeling that I could & would crack it. During my pre-placement talk I had the intution that this is my place & I'm gonna get into it.

My eyes half open & half closed were somehow stuck to my mobile. Is this what we call an intution? I received my friend's call &the voice screamed congratulations!!!. I couldn't understand as to whether that was a reality or dis is the dream I wanted to dreamt @ that hour? It took me a couple of minutes to regain myself for the fact, which I earnestly desired for.
For the first time ever in my life till now I enjoyed the beauty of the statement which says" that the beautiful couple in the universe are !!!....Te@r$ & Dre@m$.....!!!, they rarely meet and whenever they do, they create a rainbow".
And so, the same was in front of me. the rainbow of hope,desire, hardwork, willingness, blessings, dreams. hurriedly, I rush to the college. out of 66 in all dere were just 6 who got selected for the same. The voices kept moving around my ears for congratulating me on the same, but, I was as if has lost my nerves for the same. I could not sense it. I just wanted my family to knw abt it as soon as possible. That day I cursed myself for not keeping even a penny in my mobile. When I told them they had tears of joy and I knew it. I cant express in words as to how much satisfied I felt @ that moment.
The rosy days passed in a week or so and then came the season of sarcasm. half of the classmates were into it. Y girls? wats so special in dem & all sort of jerk questions.
I remember, once while reading sm1's interview , there was a statement, which in crux meant that "the most difficult thing in life is to be always optimistic".
I was finding it happening correct. The external factors were overpowering me & I had no clues as to how do I come out of it. I knew wat was going in evrybd's mind, but, was that true, that I couldn't sense it just because @ that moment it din't happen with me?
I wonder now is this materialistic? Is it wrong to feel happy for your own hardwork? Is dere anything wrong in fulfilling the desires of your family?

These questions kept burgaling my mind day in and day out & I had no ans for the same. For today i would like to hold myself here to find the answer for the same, but would like from you all to answer me.

Till den

The End

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