Dear future self on the day of your funeral,

I hope you remember me with fondness for I am the person you used to be.

I hope I am a memory that has helped you to grow, to become strong and stand tall.  I hope you are no longer scared, and lost, and tired, and hiding and sadly un-brave.  I hope you are happy and smile everyday.  I hope that the arms that wrapped around you yesterday and the tears that fell today were those of true love.  I hope your life has been long and fulfilled.  But mostly I hope I have made you proud, and I have been with you in every step you have taken and every choice you have madem for you will know that it was you that kept me from losing my way, it was you that held my hand and it will be you that will make me strong.

I am writing you this letter in thanks and ask for your forgiveness if I was not strong enough to be brave, if I have never given myself the opportunity to meet you.

The End

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