When we Get There

The first story "When we Get There" began as a challenge to write flash fiction in less than 99 words and reads more as a poem.
It began simply as an answer to the meaning of life... and I do hope it leaves you asking questions.
Collaborate and let us know how you see the meaning of life, death, love and pursuing your dreams

“Great stories begin, once upon a time do they not?” 

my hands reaching for a large glass knob on the heavy glass door

“with laughter, gingerbread houses, green grass fields, castles with moats?”

so clear and yet impossible to see what lies beyond

"but what is the meaning of a beginning we cannot know happily after?”

a brightness blinds as the door swings open and I see

“how do we know what we want, until we lose what we have?”

It is everything and nothing and more and less.

“I suppose we will know only when we get there!”

The End

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