Are we still friends?

A short drabble, you just need a friend like that in your life.

“Hey” An arm slings across my shoulders, drawing our faces close. 
“Aren’t you bored here?” I could hear the sneer in her voice without looking.
“What happened to the tattoo artist?” 

“That was ten years ago, she died.” I deadpanned, without taking my eyes off the computer screen. “What about you? What happened to the erotica writer? And keep your voice down, we’re at the office.” 
She hums distractedly and peeks around my shoulder to see if anyone was listening in, taking in the grey stringent walls, isolated cubicles, hushed whispers and tapping keyboards as ambient noise. 
“Are we still friends?”
She finally says, her voice low and her tone soft, too soft. I pause in my work and turn to look at her in the eyes. “As long as you see me as one.”  
She retracts her arm and leaves.  

“Are you happy?” She sipped at her coffee, all the while keeping an eye on me. She settled quite comfortably, leaning against the staff pantry counter in her elegant heels and satin dress.   
“Do I look unhappy?” I stalled to formulate an acceptable and believable answer. 
“No, but you look boring.” 
“Am I a bore to you?” 
“You weren’t.” 
“I am happy enough.” 
“Don’t lie.” 
“I thought you didn’t like satin, not your style, wasn't it?” 
She pauses, drains her coffee in a final go and sets it in the sink with a heavy clunk.
“Aren’t the both of us natural born liars?” 

She was applying heavy eyeliner to my eyes and smudging it on purpose. My piercings were reopened, raw and bleeding. She had ripped and slashed at my jeans with her pocket knife, while humming triumphantly and murmuring something about completing the look. This was all done in the restroom of our office. I was not too sure what I had given consent to. 
“We’re leaving this place.” Her tone was final. 
I opened one eye to question her, “Where to?” 
She coaxes my eye shut to apply more makeup, “Anywhere but here. I am quite done with this place, and I believe, so are you.” 
“Who told you that?” 
“You didn’t disagree when I said we were leaving.” 
“Heh.” A smile tugs at the corner of my lips, I was not sure if I was agreeing or not.
“There, all done.” 
I opened my eyes and came back to life.

The End

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