Are we but one


The night falls with no regret, flawless are we.
The moment for which we lust
rises once, then never dies,
seduced by our obsession.
All life must eventually die.

Our passion pulses through our veins.
How beautiful our dark hearts bleed
dark thoughts invade us, laughing,
we are one

It is a silence of fate, a path of true desire,
I feel their pain pass through me

 The immortal ones

Night shreds all innocence
an eternal pact

A surge of energy cascades over
pale skin, no longer delicate
the taste of victory
moonlight beneath our feet

Now a night of ecstasy,
we thirst.

Many others gather.

 Strength grows untamed

 This pleasant look about my eyes, it pleases me

 As my purpose presents
tears dare not drip

In faint light I cry out
while daybreak follows.
Now alone, my soul disappears

Until night falls again

this is because of you

The End

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