Chapter 1: The PrimeMature

Three teenagers with extraordinary abilities are in captivity. They must fight for their life every day--every hour. Can they survive the things that are out to kill them? **A very rough rough draft.**

"There are odd occurrences in this life.  Some can be explained; some cannot."  --Unknown

We ran as fast as we could.  All three of us were about to be killed because of what we held inside of us--by what they put inside of us.  The forest around was silent and dark which is what scared us.  I stopped behind a tree and they followed me.  The female of our group looked around with terror etched on her face, even though she was probably the strongest of our group.

I looked at her.  "Ada, we need to stop for a moment.  You're looking ill."  Her long black hair was plastered to her face from sweating.  Dark circles were under her hazel eyes and she was shaking violently.  Her simple uniform of black was damp with sweat.

"I'm just tired, Nico.  We haven't slept in nearly two days," she muttered, looking to the youngest of our group.  "Arckus, do you need to rest?"

Arckus was tall with short wavy blonde hair that went well with his bright blue eyes.  His uniform of gold had dark stains from all the sweating he had done.

The boy shrugged.  "I just need something to eat.  And to do that, we need to kill the Prime before the other two groups do.  Nico, can you hear anything?"

I focused hard on my hearing.  Suddenly, I couldn't see, feel, or smell anything as strongly.  My hearing increased until I could hear everything around me.  Arckus and Ada's hearts beat rapidly.  I could hear the bugs chirping and buzzing all around me.  The wind whistled though the trees; the breathing of my companions seemed normal.  But those are not the things I was searching for.  I focused more acutely, forcing the other senses to fade away completely.  A stomping was far away, but still close enough to worry.  I made my senses return to normal and looked at my friends.

"I hear the Prime.  It is about three miles that way."  I pointed toward the way we had come.  "It's going toward the other direction.  I didn't hear neither of the groups."

Ada relaxed at the news and sat down with a sigh.  "Should we start a fire?"

I shook my head.  "No.  I don't think we should.  The Prime may smell the smoke."  Both of my companions understood why we could not start the fire, but they were cold--I was cold.  I sat on the ground next to Ada.  Arckus continued standing, looking around curiously.  "Arckus, what are you doing?" I asked.

"Something is off, Nico," he said, turning in a circle.  Ada and I rose quickly.

Ada looked alarmed was she asked, "What do you mean?"  Arckus suddenly looked at us with a serious look.  He brushed my mind with his consciousness.  A thought entered my mind.  I just teleported.  What did you see?

You standing there, doing nothing, I answered, telepathically.

It is the girl with the mind bending, he said.  Suddenly, Arckus disappeared and reappeared a few feet away; he had a knife to his throat.  A trickle of blood ran down his neck.  A girl held the knife.  She was a brown haired girl with a savage grin on her face.

She shook Arckus violently, "Thought you were the only one they made to teleport?"  She laughed.  They both vanished and reappeared at the same exact place they had been standing.  The girl was behind Arckus, facing Ada and me.  "You guys caught on to my trick pretty quick.  What gave it away?"

"I'm telepathic," Arckus answered.

The girl laughed.  "Telepaths are not affected by mind bending.  Should have known!"

"What do you want?" I asked, gritting my teeth.  I waiting as more blood trickled down his throat.  I felt the air charge as Ada got ready to attack.

"All of you dead.  I was going to hold you here until the others came, but you were too clever," she said, "But at least I can disable your group.  You know the third rule.  'One goes down, the whole group goes down.'"  She began raking the blade across Arckus' throat.  Terror filled his eyes.  Ada immediately jumped into action.  She waved her hand and the knife went flying through the air; the blade disappeared into the bushes.  Another wave sent the girl across the clearing to slam into a tree.

Arckus fell to the ground, clutching his throat.  Ada went to him and put her palm against the side of his head.  Light flowed from her hand into Arckus; the cut across his throat began to close as she healed him.  I was left to care for the enemy.

I began to walk over to the girl trying to get up.  She looked up with terror.  "What are you doing to me!" she screamed helplessly.  The earth had swallowed her leg, meaning she could not teleport away.

Teleportation has one rule.  To be free to go anywhere, you must first be free.

"Don't kill me," she begged.  I looked into her eyes and saw the fear.  But deep down was readiness to kill.  If I trusted and let her go, she still would not think twice before killing me.

"Sorry," I said.  I was being truthful.  I hated killing, but it was necessary for Ada, Arckus, and me to stay alive.  I killed her as quick and painless as I could.  I snapped her neck.  Her body dissolved before my eyes.  A hand grabbed mine--Ada's.

"It will be over soon, Nico," she said, wrapping her arms around me.  The tears fell down my face at the thought of another death at my hands, but it was necessary.  I had to kill to stay alive.  Death and life go hand in hand down a long, endless road.  She began to pull me toward the way we had been going.

"We need to rest and hide.  Arckus is still healing.  The girl's team will be out for revenge now," she said, knowingly.  She was right; she was always right.  Arckus and I followed her through the woods toward an unknown future.

The End

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