Archaic Overview: Cid

One of my few intact written works of my personal fictional world; Cidolfus is one of my favorite characters I had come up with. Sadly enough, I only recently rediscovered this story, and noticed many, many plot conflicts with my revised up-to-date lore. Nevertheless, it is still a decent work, and several aspects of it had survived into my more recent works, and I felt I might as well upload it here. I had to do a bit of research on the isotopes of Radium to make sure I had it as accurate as po

Cidolfus Eckhart Khovantine, was born in the fictional town of Alswyr in southeastern Scotland (He and his ancestors were not native to Scotland, however). Cid was, and always has been, fascinated with magic, and devoted much of his early life to its study. His mother, appalled by her son’s dedication to the art, had him assist his father, Xipher, with his duties as captain of the guard. Cid reluctantly obeyed, and lived with his father for two years. One day, his father disappeared, leaving no clues as to his whereabouts. Three weeks after his sudden disappearance, Cid fled Scotland. In the wilderness, Cid stumbled upon an exiled sorcerer aiding the last surviving European dragons in fleeing this world. After the portal was opened and the dragons made their way through, Cid begged the sorcerer to allow him to join them. The man was taken aback by this request, and inquired as to why he wished to leave his home. Cid explained his desire to further his knowledge, and the limitations to do so in this era. After giving it some thought, the sorcerer agreed and took Cid with him through the gateway to Librys. Upon arriving, the man revealed his name to be Apollo, and that he himself was seeking a lost friend from his childhood. Cid traveled with Apollo for several months, studying magic under the watchful eye of his elder companion. During their travels, Apollo mentioned a book whose pages contained the secret to summoning an ancient being of great power. Cid wanted to know more, but Apollo refused to reveal any more, saying “many a nation had been buried seeking its power”. Desperate to know more, Cid left Apollo to investigate the origins and whereabouts of this tome. After a year of searching, Cid had nothing to show for his efforts.  One mid-afternoon, Cid was experiencing one of his brooding moods that seemed to crop up increasing amounts of his time following his recent failures. During this time, Cid became acquainted with a highly intelligent juvenile raven. The two bonded, and the raven accompanied Cid on his quest for the elusive book, offering his unique aid in times of need. Cid later learned that the raven could talk, revealing his name to be Loki. After a decade of scouring Librys and the surrounding regions, Cid finally discovered the location of the tome: A surface ruin hidden amongst the mountainous region south of Librys. Upon recovering the book, Cid found, to his dismay, the book was written in a long-dead language. Cid and Loki spent the next forty days isolating the language of origin. It was during this time that Cid began suffering from minor headaches and occasional nausea. Dismissing these symptoms as a trivial illness, Cid continued on his decipherment of the text. It wasn’t until two weeks later, however, that the initial symptoms worsened. Additionally, Cid began to suffer from bouts of vomiting and severe fatigue which generally accompanied the headaches and nausea. Loki worried for his human partner’s health, but neither knew what could be done. The following day, travelers arrived at his hideaway in Hycathor. One of these individuals, a scientist from Andromeda, suggested that Cid may be suffering from radiation sickness, though he was uncertain of how he managed to subject himself to such conditions. While the three visitors and Loki discussed the matter at hand, Cid stumbled into the room coughing up blood and collapsed. The scientist, Tsirus, confirmed that Cid was suffering from radiation sickness when he performed an extensive examination of the book Cid was studying and found that the ink contained considerable traces of Radium-226. Cid was taken into a quiet room to rest while the others debated on their next course of action. While Tsirus explained that without proper treatment there was no hope for Cid, one of his companions, Seymour, believed there was still something that could be done. Joseph, the last of the group, mentioned a gemstone that absorbed energy that could be used to purge the radiation from his body. With little other choice, Seymour and Joseph headed for the cave where the gemstone appeared in greatest concentration. However, things went awry when they retrieved a sample of the stone. Basilisks had made the tunnels their home, and attacked the duo on sight. Seymour and Joseph barely made it out with the stone, and returned with it to Cid’s home. When they arrived, Tsirus informed them that Cid removed the book from the lead cabinet that Tsirus had placed it in and left. Meanwhile, Cid was making his way up the mountaintop to finish translating the book, his symptoms worsening. After several hours Cid managed to finish the last chapter of the book, providing him with the means of summoning the being of legend that Apollo had spoken of in their travels together. With little time to act, Cid prepared an Anchoring Sigil and opened a gateway to Aetherius – the Void to which the Ouroborus lived. Having successfully summoned the Ouroborus to him, he begged a favor of the Ouroborus: To go back in time and prevent his younger self from seeking the cursed tome. The dragon agreed, and Cid died. The Ouroborus slipped through a passage in time, back to when Cid had recently acquired the book. After warning the youth of the dangers associated with the tome, Cid made the decision to destroy the book. With no way to safely dispose of the Radium, the Ouroborus banished the book into the Void. The dragon remained in Librys, since he could no longer return to the future because the book no longer existed, preventing the course of events that led to the Ouroborus’ summoning


The End

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