Meeting With The Mer-chaggelons Part 2

    “Is this a dream?”    

   “No, this is the land of the Mer-chaggelons. I hope Tamora mentioned us on your meeting.”

   “Oh... yeah... but how did I come here?”

   “When Tamora was in your dream. Talking to you, she planted some spell which would lead you here, to us. We both knew that your discovery of the Archaggelons was rather shocking, so now I talk to you, so you could change your mind to save this world while it still stands.

   "We do apologize for the suffering you had to go through with the fever but it was the only way you could come. Only your soul can come to this sacred land. Now take this,” giving him some sort of strange pill, “It will make you breathe in this area.”

   “So you mean I’m still alive?” putting the pill in his mouth.

   “Yes, but no. You see, if you were in your body, your eyes wouldn’t be able to see these walls. When we put that spell on you, it didn’t kill you but it made your soul come out of your body. That’s why you have to take the pill; you haven’t died in a regular state. You’ll go back to your body after our conversation is finished.”

   “So you mean when people die you can bring them over here?”

   “No, but if a Mer-chaggelon has fallen in love with a human, they sure do.”

   “But you’re a – “

   Holding up her hand so Alex wouldn’t continue, she said, “Enough questions have been asked. Anyways, I haven’t introduced myself. My name is Oriana and this,” pointing to the older one next to her, “over here is my father, Agnus. We will give you more information on the Archaggelons that you need to know and then we will take you back, so you could live once more.”

   “Ok then, tell me what I need to know,” said Alex with determination.

   Before Oriana or her father could speak, the tube, where Alex was still inside was slowly getting filled with water. When the whole tube was full, it opened and he was taken to another room which seemed like a small research area.

   The walls were covered with bits of papers made out of seaweed. They had photos, documents, and further information about the Archaggelons. It was quite messy for a room and Alex could not handle the piles of paper being stacked on the floor and making the place smaller than it already was.

   “Ok Alex this is when we talk about our subject on how you are going to save this world. I am going to tell you the story of how it happened in 2076.

   “Niko Fa Nadlen might have been the savior of the city before, but even though he killed all the Archaggelons, he never knew how they were created. That is why me and the Queen of the moon haven’t died. We were made after that destruction, but we made an alliance and decided that killing the place would be a waste of time.

   “Hiujiguny was the start of all this disaster. He was made by a man of great power and had a prodigy on making humanized machines. He thought that Hiujiguny was the most unique machine he had ever made. He planned many ways to make his career more noticeable but Hiujiguny had other things in his mind and wanted to destroy the planet because after his creation he was treated as a slave to that man. Everyone treated him badly and Hiujiguny couldn’t take it anymore.

   “If you want to know, Hiujiguny looked as if it were a regular human, skin, personality but most of all it could breathe. Nobody could believe it if someone told them that Hiujiguny was nothing more than a piece of machinery. But there is a way to detect him. He has a code of some sort containing the number 72 on the left side of his neck. If you destroy him and the working area that he has made you will save your country and the planet. Nothing would cause any danger to mankind again.”

   Handing Alex a piece of paper with a photograph, he looked at it only to see a building of some sort. It was pitch black that you had to concentrate to notice. It looked like a mountain in the middle of nowhere; you could see only the stars.

   “This is the working area he is in. It is a place, as you can see, in space. That is why we need you to help us. You have a droid with the rocket launchers on the base of its feet. If you can just go in space for a few minutes, find Hiujiguny; kill him and destroy the place he works in, that is all.

   “My father will be giving some equipment that will help you on the way to breathe in there and to stop Hiujiguny’s demonic plan. What do you say?”

   “I think you’ve gotten the wrong guy. And if you haven’t, why me? The other machines have rocket launchers as well.”

   “Because legend says that a boy who will create something as big as the biggest Arachaggelon, he will be the hero of this land.”

   “I don’t know, I have to think about it then.”

   “Ok then, but make sure you make you decision soon, before it is too late. Hiujiguny will do anything to achieve his goal. If you do take the chance to stop him, you better be vigilant at all times, the dangers will be more serious.”

   Afterwards, Alex was with Oriana’s father. He gave Alex all he needed and explained what the equipment was equipped with.

   Alex was given only three helpful things. They were a mask to breathe in space, a pill, just in case the mask would not last, to breathe for at least 24 hours and last but not least a watch with various uses. It was for the destruction of Hiujiguny.

   When all was set, Alex was taken back to the room from where he came from, went inside the tube, the water was taken out of the tube and he disappeared.

   “Do you think he’ll do what we asked him, father?” asked Oriana anxiously.

   “I hope so my dear,” trying to support his daughter so she could calm her down. He still had his doubts though.




    Alex’s pulse started working again, his body was functioning well and everything was back to normal. The doctors that were in the room did a few tests on him to see if the fever had gone. Alex was to be observed for a few more days just in case anything went wrong and he would gο back where he belonged; home with Daja and Rachel.

   As the days passed and all his new friends visited him once in a while, he felt better every day, but most of the time it was Jessica. He thought that they had a closer relationship from anyone else. It might have been the reason that they could talk about anything they wanted with each other.

   On the last day when she visited he had a weird feeling inside him that he did not realize he had before, he just did not know what it was.

The End

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