Meeting With The Mer-chaggelons

   Alex’s fever was getting worst by the minute. Rachel was trying everything to cool him down, but nothing worked. She called Daja so they could take him to the doctor.

   When they went inside the building so the doctor could observe Alex, his face was with shock at the first glance he took at Alex’s pallid and sweaty complexion. While taking his temperature, everyone was waiting with suspense to see what the doctor would say. They wanted to know if Alex would get any better any time soon. Putting his equipment aside, he said, “Alex over here has a serious fever, a fever we have never faced before. I believe that he should stay under the supervision of the nurses. We’ll give him a room to rest and see if the fever would calm down. That is all that we can do for him.”

   Daja and Rachel could not bear to hear those dreadful words. They could not handle losing another person in the family anymore. It made them feel useless; deceiving the vow they gave to Alex’s mother before she died.

   It had been 17 hours when Alex came to the hospital. Jessica had visited after school for a while to check up on him. She could see that the fever had gotten bad the last time she had seen Alex. She had also mentioned the news to the others. Unfortunately, they could not make it for the fact that the assignment needed more work than what they had expected.

   Now, everything was silent and lonesome for Alex. He felt as if everyone left him to die all by himself. But he could not think of Rachel and Daja doing that. They had been like parents to him all his life after the death of both his parents and he had no one else to stick right by his side other than them, “They were just listening to the doctor’s advice, that’s all,” said Alex in his mind.

Suddenly, he had a awkward feeling inside him; his chest was hurting stronger on every heartbeat. The last thing he saw was the nurses running towards him and hearing faintly, “…cardiac arrest…”




   Oriana, the princess of the Mer-chaggelons was waiting for the moment the magic spell they had put on Alex will activate and bring him to the land of the Mer. Her patience was getting thin as the days passed.

   “Don’t worry my child, when it is time, he will come,” said her father who just came inside the room.

   “Father, I just don’t want anything to go wrong, that’s all, but as the days pass and there isn’t any result, I have a feeling that the spell didn’t work.”

   “Why don’t you relax and worry about it if he doesn’t arrive before the Archaggelons come.”

   “Fine, but if it doesn’t happen, I don’t know what I’ll do.”

   While that conversation was going on, something else was happening in another room which looked like a lab.

   It contained various amounts of vessels encircling a clear wide tube. The tube was closed in every direction. The top part of it was covered in a silver cap, connected with a range of different colored wires. Every wire was attached to a single vessel.

   Suddenly, the vessels were creating a light. In the tube a body was appearing. It was Alex. He sees the doors in front of him open. A young mermaid entered the room with a merman older than what she was. They approached the tube that Alex was in. “Hello Alex, we were expecting you,” said the female.

The End

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