Ascertainment Part 2

   After that, Alex was shocked. He couldn’t believe what Clark had been through. Now he understood the reason for Clark’s first impression on him. Alex could not blame him. If he was in Clark’s position, he would have done the same thing.

   “Relax Jessica, I may be rich but I’m not a cool guy.”

   “Yeah that’s true; you’re only cool on the newspaper.” She gave a restrained laugh. “Ok, let’s change the subject now. Since the school is selling free tickets for the game, I asked my brother if he had any spares,” said Jessica showing Alex the tickets and handing him one. “I hope you like basketball.”

   “I sure do. I even play the sport.”

   “Really, that’s cool. You should try out.”

   “I’ll see to that, Jess. I can call you that, right?”

   “Sure,” making Jasmine smile.

   They ate their lunch and talked. Spending time together was relieving for Alex; he really got to know her better than the last time they met. As the bell rang, Jessica turned around and said, “Oh Alex, one thing I forgot to tell you. Don’t mention anything to Clark on what I told you. He’ll be angry at me if he finds out.”

   “No problem, my lips are sealed. I wouldn’t want your pretty face to look miserable anyway,” he said, making Jessica blush.

   On the next lesson, they had history. The rest of the class came in and sat on their seats, waiting for the teacher. He took quite a while to arrive that everyone got restless.

When he finally entered the room, he quickly started on the lesson. “Good morning class, sorry I’m late today.”

   “You’re always late sir, and you always give a lame excuse as well,” said one of the students. The teacher ignored him and said, “Let’s start our lesson, shall we? For all my years as a history teacher, I’ve always loved this particular part of the lesson that I am going to teach you today. You should listen very carefully and tell me what you think if we have enough time to talk about it.”

   “Is it that interesting sir?” popped another student with mocking amazement.

   “Well you have to answer that yourselves don’t you think? We don’t all have the same likes and dislikes.”

   “Then why don’t you start saying it then?” said a few students.

   “Ok then. Does everybody know the city’s name before it was named Fa Nadlen?” The teacher asked, trying to test the student’s knowledge a little.

   “Of course we do, it was Zadkin.”

   “Well, does anybody know the reason the name was changed?”

   Everybody fell silent; all the students were breaking their heads for the answer in the attempt that they have heard it before. Alex was wondering if he did not know, how was the rest of the class going to have a better chance of answering it, but then again he never expected himself to be a Einstein or something close to that. Jessica did not have a clue at all and fiddled with her hair, trying to show that she was not paying attention.

   “I can see that no one knows the answer to that, huh?”

   “What is so interesting about this, out of all the things in history?” asked Scipio at the front

   “You’ll see when I tell you the story,” replied the teacher. “But I’ll give you a synopsis about it because I’m going to hand you out the book to read. As you can see, we don’t have much time.

   “Anyways, Niko Fa Nadlen was a mystery man. No one really knew him, but he was the savior of the city years back.

   “Fa Nadlen or Zadkin as it was known before was under attack by some big monster. As it says on the book, they were very tall, a little taller than the school buildings.”

   “Did it have a name?” asked Alex as he was getting a vibe that he knew what exactly the teacher was talking about.

   Before the teacher could respond, the bell had rung.

   “It certainly did, they called it an… Archaggelon.”

   When Alex heard that, he had frozen with surprise that these monsters once tried to destroy the earth from before. Then the thought of the Queen of the moon had appeared telling him about some revenge they wanted.

   He was sweating with disbelief, it was so noticeable that Jessica got worried and thought that he had gotten a fever.

   In the end, Alex was permitted to go home early that day.

The End

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