On the following day, Alex had decided to go to the organization to see how things were going. He wanted to take things slow on his problem to face Daja again.

   When thinking it through before he went to sleep, he knew that to solve something difficult, it meant doing everything step by step. So, finally, Alex decided to enter the room before  Daja arrived, making him a little more relaxed for his short visit.

   Fortunately, Alex realized that the place had changed the last time he had been there. Then again it was busier after the appearance of the monster.

   Alex walked up to one of the people on the computer and asked. ”Hey, what are you doing over there?”

   “Hey Alex, surprised to see you here. As you can see I am trying to find any information on the monsters, maybe if it had happened it any other areas or just in this city. Daja thought it might be helpful in some way. But if you’re lucky and find anything out from school can you please inform me?”

   “Sure, why not.”

   While Alex continued to look around the place, seeing slight changes in every direction, he came to realize how quick time had passed. Daja was nearly coming and he was late for school.

   Getting ready as fast as possible, Alex ran rapidly to school only missing the first lesson. He went to lunch and found Jessica all alone. “What’s up Jessica? Where are the others?”

   “Hi Alex. Everything’s fine, don’t worry. The others are busy with some group assignment.”

   “How come you’re not with them?”

   “Well let’s just say that I am a fast worker. Anyways, it’s a good chance to talk to you personally.”

   “Is anything wrong?”

   “I just wanted you to know before anything else happens. I’ve known Clark for a long time and I know everything that he has been through.”

   “What do you mean by that?”

   “I mean that if you are one of those rich kids, you better leave us alone because if Clark finds out, he will kill you, literally.

   “He was once that type, always enjoying life by teasing kids that weren’t that rich, using nerds for better grades, had a girlfriend, and all the other stuff that they do.

   “One day though, he had to go for a long trip with his parents. It was some type of camping trip that was planned for them to get to know each other better. You know the usual. But that isn’t the reason why he hates cool kids anymore.

   “When Clark returned, he had decided to surprise his girlfriend. The only problem was that he didn’t know what she was up to when he had left.

   “As he entered the house to find no one there and the door unlocked, he had gotten a little suspicious. He searched the backyard to see if anyone was there and couldn’t hear him. Suddenly, he heard something towards the living room, finding his girl making out with his best friend.

   “He never forgave neither of them, he just thought of every kid that was rich and cool the same as his best friend. He didn’t want to turn like him so Clark was a lonesome kid. I had pity on him that day and we became friends ever since.”

The End

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