First Day Part 2

   Fortunately, Jessica's brother was handing out tickets for the schools biggest basketball competition. Even though he was not a basketball player, he liked doing some particular job so he can skip his worst subjects.

   Alex came to realize that the whole entire school was talking about the game. Jessica explained to him that they were competing with their most hated rivals. Since it was the greatest event of the year, even the teachers made the decision to sell the tickets free of charge.

   Later on, some of her friends came to sit down to join them. Apparently, they did not come to technology class today because they had to help a teacher with some equipment and did not know about Alex’s arrival.

   “What’s up Jessica? Who’s this punk? I can take him down if you want,” said the tallest of the lot.

   “Yeah,” agreed the other.

   Apparently, the girl that was with those guys did not speak as much. She gave a plain cold look at Alex as if he was some kind of criminal, trying to hide his identity.

   “Well, I sure can notice that nobody told you that we have a new guy in our year.”

   “Oh, so he’s a freshman, huh? Don’t get too carried away kid. I don’t like you a single bit. By the end of the day, I hope to not see your ugly face again,” said the taller guy.

   His name was Clark Forester. He was one of those boys that did not get along with anyone very easily. Alex could tell by the look on his face, Clark was really determined to get rid of him as fast as possible. But the question was, why?

   As for the shorter male, his name was Scipio Gryggyns. He was a guy that looked more intelligent than he looked. He sure took care of his looks, but the way he talked before the group he sure spoke smarter than Alex.

   The only person that he could not get good information on was the girl. Her name was Sionan Summers. Nobody really knew how to react in front of her, but her expression sure did say a lot.

   “Sorry Clark, but I think he’s pretty cool. He’ll definitely fit in with us,” said Sionan out of the blues.

   “What are you talking about? Look at him. He belongs to the rich kids. Don’t let him fool you, you guys.”

   “Clark, I think you’re overreacting. As the saying goes: never judge the book by its cover,” said Scipio.

   “Who cares what the saying says?”

   While the conversation was becoming more of an argument the more Jessica's face was getting furious with Clark’s behavior, which made her get up on her feet, smacked her hands and the table and shouts. “Let it go Clark! If you had the time to think about it, he would have already started hanging out with the cool dudes anyways.”

   By the expression on Clark’s face, Alex had a feeling that he had never seen Jessica so angry. In the end, Clark felt sorry about making a scene. “I apologize, man. But those rich kids sure piss me off. You have no idea what they are capable of. If you are one of them, I’ll kill you.”

   “No problem. But I do have a question. Do I really look like I would do something that they would do?”

   “Well, they have tried being innocent like you in the beginning to pass any upcoming exams. Anyways, we better eat up now; the bell is going to ring soon.”


   After that long argument, they had gotten exhausted. The only thing they did was eat their lunch and sit quietly until the bell rang a short time later.

   At the end of the day, Alex felt more relaxed, as if he were at school with a whole bunch of friends ever since he was born, like he never had any connection with the making of the androids. He also felt lucky that Clark didn’t end up punching him out, or anyone else for that matter. He did not want any enemies on the first day of school. But then again who would.

   Before Alex left, he had seen Jessica looking at him with a weird gaze and he had the feeling that she wanted to tell him something important, but her brother dragged her with him so they could leave.

The End

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