First Day

The alarm clock had gone off and it was time for Alex to get ready for his first day at school.

As Alex took his first steps to his new school, he was horrified with the behavior of the student body. They were acting like animals; it was like walking inside a zoo the way they were talking to each other and running through the hallway. By the time Alex reached the principal’s office he had seen everything. As he opened the door and entered, he also saw her talking to a girl.

   “I apologize for intruding.”

   “Come in Alex, we were waiting for your arrival. I’m Principle Hawkins and this is Jessica Taylor, your classmate and mentor for today, informing you with what is going on around the school this semester.”

   Jessica did not look like those kids outside, but also looked very shy. She had wavy blonde hair, sapphire blue eyes and wore the school uniform which was a regular white short-sleeved, collared shirt, with a blue skirt and black shoes. Alex thought that she was best suited for the uniform compared to the other female students he had seen.

   As for the principle, she looked rather strange. Her hair was cracked, black and tied up into a bun. She wore a set of thick glasses, a gray shirt and a black pencil skirt with black stiletto heels. But the strangest part of her looks was her make-up. She put a thick layer of black eye-liner around her eyes. On the bottom of her eyes, she had overlapped it with a thick blue color which made her look rather scary when you saw her at first sight.

   At the moment he received his timetable, Alex had already gone on his first subject and he was glad it was technology. It was his favorite for the fact that that he knows more about that than any other subject, after trying to invent those androids.

   Jessica had mentioned to him that she was terrible in that topic. Even if she studied as hard as she could, she couldn’t improve her results.

   “It could be because I can’t catch up with the assignments. Since there aren’t an even amount of students in the class, and the teacher always makes a group of two, I am always left by myself. Maybe now that you’re here, there might be a chance for me to calm down a little if we do a little bit of team work. What do you say?” said Jessica with confidence and excitement.

   “Well, at least I would have a way to thank you in some way for helping me around the school.”  Alex replied with a smile.

   When he saw the smile on Jessica's face, he could tell that she was pleased.

   The lesson was rather awkward from the ones that he and Daja used to do when he was young. Alex was confused of why Jessica thought of this subject so difficult. If she had tried to do the things that he did at a young age she sure would have never thought the same.

As a matter of fact, the teacher was strangely dressed for this subject. She wore clothing as if she was going to a night club, plenty of jewelry which was prohibited for this subject, of course. Alex had no idea how the principle even allowed this action to proceed in a subject so dangerous if they did any practical lessons. For example, making circuits you have to use a strong acid for one of those, and mainly handling any heavy objects. But then again, he didn’t know how schools were for an ordinary kid. Alex thought of this as a lesson that no one would understand and even concentrate on doing.

   When the bell rang for lunch, Alex could not help but to ask. “Hey, Jessica, I just wanted to ask, what is so difficult for you in that subject? It looked pretty easy to me.”

   “Well, today was a theory lesson. That isn’t my weakness though. It’s mainly the practical that I can’t make myself improve in and that is the most important part of the subject. So, even if I get an A+ for theory, it isn’t good enough to make me pass.”

   “Why didn’t you just say so? I thought for a second that – “

   “I know. I should have told you from the start, but I thought it would be rather embarrassing to say it to you.”

   “Why’s that?”

   “Come on Alex. I know who you are. The rest of the school might not look at the news or read any newspapers but my father forces me to do it so I can be informed of what is going around. He’s a little over protective if you haven’t understood.”

   When Alex heard that, he did not want to be the center of attention so, he had to try anything to make Jasmine not talk.

   "Please don’t tell anyone Jasmine. I promise I’ll do anything.”

   “Do you really think of me in that way Alex?”

   At that moment, Alex did not know what to say he was just sitting there, in front of the table, looking at her with his mouth open, trying to think of something to say but nothing came out. At that instant, Jessica just put her hand in his and said “Alex, don’t take it that seriously. I was just joking,” giving him a smile to cheer him up.

   All of a sudden, a broad shouldered boy came from behind them says, “Hey Jessica, I hope this little fellow isn’t bothering you,” clenching his fists.

   “No, no, no Peter, it’s ok. He’s a new guy. I was said to show him around the school by principle Hawkins.”

   “So that’s why she had wanted you to go to her office. Anyways, I’ll catch you later after school. I have to talk to the guys about the big game, see ya.”


   Judging by the way the guy acted when he had seen Alex with Jessica, he thought that they were going out so instead of actually asking he ends up saying “I don’t want to get in the way with your boyfriend or anything. I could just ask the principle to make someone else my mentor.”

   Jasmine’s face gave a strange expression to which it concluded into a laugh. Alex got so confused that he did not know how to react to her behavior.

   “I’m sorry, but the image of dating my own brother sure seems funny to me. But then again how would you have known,” said Jessica, trying to hold her laughter.

   “My greatest apologies, I thought that ….. He seemed like you were dating or something.”

   “Doesn’t matter.”

   “One thing though. Does he know about me as well?”

   “Well of course I read the newspaper to him. He’s not much of a person who would look at the news on TV. He’ll rather watch football instead so I have to read it because my father gets angry at him and I don’t want my brother to get in trouble. But I’ll tell you this; he sure was interested in your article. The only thing you don’t have to worry about is that he hasn’t seen a picture of you and I didn’t mention your name, so your secret is safe with me.”

   “Thanks a bunch. I have no idea how to repay you.”

   “Helping me with technology is good enough for me.”


The End

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