Alex felt like a bullet pierced right through his heart with the words that came out of Dajas mouth. How could Daja ask him such a question in the first place when Alex had told him from the beginning that he didn’t want to ride one of his machines? But Alex had to make his decision now…should he change his mind or not…

   “Alex, you have to tell me, it’s either now or never. We don’t have much time before the city is destroyed; we have to fight these beasts and eliminate them forever,” Daja said with difficulty, trying to catch his breath.

   Alex suddenly lost his concentration on what he should decide. He didn’t realize that he had stopped running either. But even though that happened, his quick reply was a disappointing one.

   “No, Daja, I can’t, it is impossible for me to do this favor for you. I had told you from the start, I can’t change my mind about this. Besides, you had told me that you already have found the riders for the droids.”

   “I know Alex but this is insane, saving people's lives is not a crime, you make people happy for not losing any loved ones.”

   “Daja, you have been like a father to me, but the decision I made, is what I think is best for me. Maybe in time I might decide to join this organization, I don’t know.”

   “Ok then, Alex, I understand the reasons of your decision.”

   Daja turned around and started running as fast as he could, trying to enter the room to release the two droids for battle.

   Alex entered a while later and noticed that Daja was really upset. He turned around looking towards Alex with disappointment and told him “You know Alex, the reason I asked for you to ride one of the droids was because you were the only person that was highly experienced and trained to fight with these machines. You invented them, but now, the other riders who haven’t had the certain training skills as you have had might even die to save the lives of the populace.

   Alex just stood there, not saying a word for his stupidity, not even noticing the noise that was happening outside or even in the room. He plainly turned around with shame and walked away, thinking…

   The next morning, Alex was relieved not to see that lady from the moon again. It was rather terrifying to see the same beast that was in his dream in real life. He didn’t have the energy to go for practice or anything. He wanted to forget everything, from the day he wanted to make these droids, till the day when Daja said those words that were so true and hurtful to bear. But to do that, it was impossible.

   A few weeks later, Daja had decided for Alex to go to a school. He couldn’t bear the fact that Alex was so hurt with the words that were said that day. Daja had tried everything to apologize but it didn’t work. Nothing did. It was the only way to put Alex back on his feet. The other thing is that Alex didn’t have a choice; Daja had already admitted him, so, the following day, it was time for him to go to school.

The End

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