Archaggelon Part 2


As the conversation was happening, a lady with big sapphire eyes and long blond hair which was tied up into a French braid was observing them. She was looking forward to having found someone who would have the power to save humanity from the things that were going to happen after one week. She had a meeting with one of her most supportive groups that lived on the planet and didn't want anything to happen to them, as well as the humans.

As she went to talk to them through her sacred portal, she explained to them of what had been arranged by the boy. They had already made a alternative plan if something like this was going to conclude to his decision. It was a thing that they could not call a simple task because the other group had to use a lot of power to make this happen.

"If the boy doesn't change his mind, the whole world would be in grave danger and we would not know what to do," said the leader of the other tribe.

"There's only one way that we can resolve this and you know it. Let's just hope it would be a success."


In the end, all had been agreed on the arrangements from both tribes and the blond-haired lady hoped for the best of what was going to happen to the living planet.


One week later, it was nine in the morning and all of a sudden, the ground started to shake. It was rather strange because there never were any geographical disasters in Fa Nadlen. The other thing was that it was far away from those particular areas.

 Alex had a nightmare that day. This lady had appeared in his dream, dressed like a goddess with blue eyes and long blond hair that was tied up in a traditional pony tail. She was trying to warn him of the coming events that would cause a lot of danger in the city. Of course, that meant he had to use his new inventions to stop them and that he has to be one of the pilots because he was the chosen one. She had also said that these huge monsters are coming and are trying to destroy the planet for revenge.

Mentioning that she was one of them - including these other ones on Earth - it was very complicated for him to understand why she was helping, but there was no time for explanations.

She was the Queen of the Earth's moon. Her name was Tamora. As for the ones on Earth, they were mermaids and mermen but they were insulted by that so they called themselves "Mer-chaggelons." The people on Earth, on the other hand, that knew of their existence from the previous years had called them by the name, "Archeggelon," instead. She had given him an image of one to show what he was up againt and what they do to human life.

The dreams had woken Alex up at six in the morning, but he was eventually able to fall back alseep until eighty thirty, got up to have a shower and thought about all the things that had just happened. He ended up telling himself that he was thinking of the droids too much and needed to relax because it was all nonsense. 

Half a minute later, as he went to his room to get ready for his basketball practice, the floor started to vibrate. He thought it was his imagination but then it happened again. He was walking up to the window to see what was going on, but before he could go anywhere near it, he saw Daja come in as if he were running from the other side of the world.

"You have to come quickly, let's go," he said with difficulty.

"What's happening?" Alex asked, very shocked to see Daja's flushed face, accompanied by labored breathing.

"I'll tell you on the way, come on!" Turning his back on Alex, and he started running again.

As Alex was following Daja, he was trying very hard to find out what was causing Daja to react this way.

That was when Alex saw it.

It was some huge thing, exactly like his droids, but in a more humanized version. But the strange thing was that it looked like the example that the Queen of the moon had shown him. He was quite astonished by its appearance but was shocked by what it was doing to humanity in a matter of seconds. It was an Archaggelon and there was no doubt about it.

Surprisingly, Daja turned around to look at Alex, still running, and Alex had a strong feeling that what he was about to say was not pleasant.  

"Alex, I know that you are afraid of your inventions but please, will you be the pilot of unit 00?"

The End

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