Alex Lloyd is a 14 year-old inventor who is holding a grudge against the one "person" that is trying to destroy planet Earth. But would that grudge be enough to get his revenge or would it lead him to his downfall.
Eager to continue his quest, he stumbles upon extraordinary creatures, new friends and much more which would help him in his way to victory. Only fate could decide whether or not he would achieve his goal

"Oh no! I can't believe this!" He spilled out, stunned. But who wouldn't on this occasion? "Please tell me this isn't true?"

"Sorry Alex, but this was getting out of control. You have to deal with this sooner or later." A man with short, bronze colored hair replied. Judging by his stiff body language, he seemed to be his advisor, if not his father.

They did look congruous.

They were both broad-shouldered, and most of all they both had the same facial features; somewhat serious looking. The only difference was that the bronze-haired man had a pair of emerald green eyes, while Alex's was sapphire blue.

"Fine." Alex sighed. "But I'm not promising anything, are we clear on that, Daja?"

"Sure, sure." Daja tried to fight a smile.

This wasn't Alex's best day. Everything he was trying to avoid was happening right now. Not only that, he was getting even more nervous watching his doom approach with every second that the clock ticked. Why was this day getting worse every minute?

Getting nudged on his left hand by Daja, he came back to earth and resumed his last day of remorse for what he had made. Then again, how would he have known at the age of ten that the dream he had of making something so extreme and technologically awe-inspiring would lead him to this? Sometimes he wondered if he could turn back time and have a normal life; going to school like a normal child and being taken care of by his nanny, Rachel Castillo. But, unfortunately, he could not. Especially since he wasted four years making all three droids and he had to live with that fact. Then again, he would not have met Daga and they would not have been as close friends as they were now.

Taking a big breath and tracing his fingers through his close-cropped blond hair to re-position it, he walked out of the building in which he had constructed the droids, through the stampede of people. 

He was to appear on TV to be announced the youngest boy who had every invented a thing so unique, so spectacular and so enormous in the human eye. In addition, he was to be viewed on the front page of the Sunday newspaper.

When it was eight at night and everyone had finished taking interviews and photos of Alex, he walked up to Daja who had retired himself from the fuss in the middle of the questioning process. Alex was sidetracked at an argument that one of the paparazzi had made which he could not answer but was lucky to be distracted by another one.  Daja was at his computer, trying to finish the final adjustments to the last machine, including the other people in the organization. They were old acquaintances with  Daja from a company that closed down and so decided to help him out on his assignment.

"Daja, why do you think I invented these humongous droids for?" 

Daja stopped typing on the computer because he was really confused to hear a question like that coming from the person that wanted to create them. "To use them for some good reason I suppose." He said, still looking at his computer to see if he had forgotten anything while speaking to Alex.

"No, that's the point. I don't even know  why I invented them for. I think that the organization should be closed down."  Alex shouted, frustrated with his lack of intelligence when he decided to make the droids in the first place.

Daja stopped what he was doing and turned around to look at the boy face to face. He was very surprised to hear that from him,  after all the work they put into them. "Why do you think that these beasts won't be used for future purposes?" he said, curios to see what Alex would respond.

"Well, for the reason that nothing in the future would be as huge as these giants that we have made. Not unless someone envies them and tries to make one themselves. But that would take years to accomplish the work that we had to put into them. Even if I fight against those people, all of humanity would blame me for inventing them. Creating so much danger to the human population," Alex said brusquely, angry for being so stupid enough to make something that will cause problems to the society.

Daja a little irritated himself with what Alex was saying because nobody knew the future unless people lived through the years to see what was coming.

"Why don't we just keep the organization open to upgrade the machines and if something possibly happens and the machines are the only solution, then that is when we start using them. Wouldn't that be more fair to the people who have been working here for four years?" Daja said it as calm as possible. But Alex had noticed. How can he not, he knew Daja like a father after all the years they had known each other. That is why Alex agreed and that was the end of their discussion. But he had made a decision as he walked up to the exiting doors. He was certainly not going to be a pilot for any of them. He was too afraid that one day he would be too obsessed with them that he might do something wrong and get the blame for it.

"One last thing, before I leave."

Daja turned to face Alex one more time, to show that he was listening.

"What if something does happen? We don't have any volunteers to pilot them." Alex said with a little bit of concern with the statement he made. Hoping at the same time that he did not have any part in riding them.

"The organization and I have already arranged that. Now you may go. Thank you for your time to tell me your concerns."

With Daja's slight indifference, Alex knew it wasn't the right moment to tell him his opinion on the matter so he left, feeling a bit relieved that he got it off his chest. But the only problem was that he had forgotten to ask who the pilots were going to be and interrupting Daja wasn't a wise thing to do at the moment.

The End

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