The Racing Snail aka Matters of the Heart 2Mature

While Turbo was out collecting snails, Blanky fulfilled her part. She took a trip back to Horrorland (and was seen by a confused Birkin), then came back shortly after with a bundle, wrapped in red paper. Having collected more snails than he knew what to do with, Blanky ordered Turbo to take them to the clearing in Sugar Rush in her back pack. It was getting late, and they had little time to prepare the surprise.

'Hey, Ionia! Come over here and have a lemonade with me,' Blanky called out to Ionia who was still lost in her thoughts. This snapped the girl bot out of her trance and she began to flail about, water cannons at the ready.

'Uhh, what? Which? Why? How?' She made her way over to where the officer was sitting, with a jug of lemonade and two glasses. Meanwhile, Turbo had managed to slip out unseen through another exit.

'Just thought we could have a girl's night and maybe watch some movies, so I've sent the boys away. I need to teach you about girl's stuff.'

'Uhh -huh?'

'This is for you,' she said handing her a glass of lemonade with a sparkly blue straw. Ionia took it and happened to see a small pink slip of paper on the table in front of her, which read: 'go to the clearing @ sugar rush tonite.' Ionia stared in amazement, then showed the paper to Blanky, while sipping her drink.

'It’s....its from Turbutt!' She grinned. 'Seems he wants to see me after all.'

'Oh!' Exclaimed the officer in mock surprise, reading the note. 'In that case, we'll have to do the girls night another time.'


'Its fine. You'd better go, it looks important, ' she winked. Then she had an idea. 'Just before you go though, how about I help you spruce up for your date? You know, do your nails, make up, curl your hair?'

Ionia seemed to like that idea,  and a broad grin spread across her face.

Having spruced Ionia up and sent her to Sugar Rush, Blanky got the costume ready. Turbo appeared just then. He looked exhausted, as if he'd just run a marathon. In a way, he had:  a marathon to Ionia's heart.
'Could it be that the world's greatest racer is exhausted?' Blanky smirked knowingly. 
'Thut up. Relocating thnailth ain't no eathy job.'
Blanky ignored him 'Good. Now for part 2.' She took out the costume she'd just bought. Turbo stared in horror.
'Are you out of your mind?! Are you theriouthly thuggethting I...
'Shush! It’s all for ionia, remember?  Time to stop being a selfish little gremlin, sprite- whatever you are- and get inside before I get cross with you.' 
'Fine,' he relented, wanting to end this debacle as soon as possible.

Blanky quickly got him into the costume and sent him on his way. Unbeknownst to her, the scientist happened to be passing by and he caught sight of this, wondering what on earth was going on. He had been rather baffled that day, first of all from seeing Turbo slink out of his lab and now this. Not to mention, she had been ignoring him all day which was unusual for her, given her previous behaviour around him. Rather than confront her there and then, he decided to sit and observe to see where this was going. He had to get to the bottom of this. 

Meanwhile curiosity got the better of Blanky and she decided to follow Turbo discreetly, to watch it all unfold. She tiptoed out mousey quiet and walked to the GCS, keeping some distance behind. They got on the same train, Blanky keeping herself well hidden. Even if she wasn't, Turbo was so nervous anyway he wouldn’t have noticed. He was perspiring buckets and couldn’t wait for the journey to end, which seemed to take forever. Was this a good idea? What if Ionia hated it? His yellow teeth began chattering, even though it wasn’t cold. He finally got off the train and slowly made his way over to the clearing. Blanky had gone a step ahead of him and was already there, having taken a different route. She was hidden in the bushes and peered out, like a wild animal waiting to pounce. Even though she had been to Sugar Rush before, she still marvelled at her wonderful, sweet surroundings.  It was a beautiful forest. The little gremlin had chosen well. Then she noticed the figure of Ionia standing by the trees, looking around in amazement. Something wonderful had happened: all the snails had come out in the moonlight, and the night sky was filled with bright stars, a million tiny sparks. Ionia giggled, gushing at the snails, petting them. She jumped up into the air, trying to reach the stars to pluck them out of the sky. Like a happy child on Christmas day.

Being a romantic at heart, Blanky couldn’t help but smile at that. She felt that Ionia was the finishing touch to this beautiful scene. Her trance was suddenly interrupted by someone grabbing her shoulder.
'Care to explain, officer?' Instinctively reaching for her gun, she jumped as she turned around and thrust her weapon into the intruder's face. Birkin didn’t even flinch; he just stood there, a questioning look on his face. 
'Its you', she mouthed, still shaking and slowly lowering her weapon. Then she put her finger to her lips and uttered an imploring 'shh!' He wanted an explanation, so she would give him one. She grabbed hold of his lab coat collar and pulled him to her, pointing excitedly some distance away. At that moment, a large, grey racing snail shuffled into the clearing slowly, making its way to Ionia. The snail spoke.
'Turbutt? Is' Ionia turned around and blinked a few times in disbelief. 
The snail gulped and looked at the ground red faced, half expecting to be swallowed up.
'Turbutt, you look so cute!!' Her face lit up. 'And look at all the pretty snails!' She squealed, unable to contain her joy and grabbed his cheeks.
'I know,  thweetfathe, I...put them there.  Well, I had a little help....

Ionia stood staring in awe, trembling hard. 'You...did all this for me?' 

Turbo nodded sheepishly. 

'Oh Turbutt! And here I thought you wanted to be rid of me.'

'Of course not!' Turbo replied incredulously. 'You are my thilly girl and you do embarrath me at times have a hold of my heart and I... ' There was no need for words any longer as he put his arms around her waist and dipped her back, gazing into her eyes for a moment before diving down and brushing his lips gently against her sweet sparkly blue lips, plumped up by Blanky's special lipgloss. 'Thugar lipth,' he mumbled softly, igniting a slow, passionate kiss. As they kissed, the snail feelers around his head poked her in the eyes, bruising them quite a bit. For Ionia, this made the kiss even more pleasurable and she uttered a loud moan. She held into him for dear life, just wanting to disappear together with the racing snail forever into a pool of love bubbles.

Watching the funny couple, Blanky couldn't help but smile. She was glad she'd helped Turbo spring such a wonderful surprise on his beloved. This seemed to have an effect on William, too. Normally, he wasn't one for body contact, but witnessing this hilarious scene of a racer in a snail costume and a bot in a passionate clinch, he couldn't help but put his arms around her, pulling her close to him.

The End

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