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Turbo's yellow eyes had fixed on Ionia's face, watching her in awe. How had he been so lucky to procure her affections so quickly? So easily? Surely there was a catch. He ran a hand through his hair and adjusted his position so that his face was directly in front of her, his nose touching her solar faceplate.


She opened her eyes and smiled at him peacefully. "Yes, Turbutt?"

"I..." He stopped himself and considered what he was about to say very carefully. "I think I'm thtarting to really like you..."

Ionia's smile widened even more as she reached a hand and caressed his face. "Yeah. Me too."

"R-Really?" His eyes widened, surprised that she felt the same way. "You do?"

"Yes. I do. Really." She planted a soft kiss on his forehead.

"When did you..."

Ionia let out a light chuckle and shifted on her cushion. "I don't know. It's hard to say."

"I think, for me, it wath when I thaw you in Tapper'th that night. Do you remember? We'd not long thince been introduthed and we didn't really have the betht thtart."

"I remember you always telling me how irritating and stupid I was."

Turbo cringed and looked away, sheepishly rubbing his neck. "Yeah, gee. Uh... You know, I didn't mean it. Well, I did at firtht, but after I didn't."

Ionia rubbed her solar panel against his nose in an eskimo kiss. "I know. Don't worry."

Turbo looked into her eyes and relaxed a little. "Do you remember that night? Felixth had decided to try and get uth all to meet the newbieth that had been plugged in and mingle. We'd met theveral timeth before since you theemed to hang around by my portal and Felixth wath adamant we get along for..."

Ionia stopped him and put on her best Felix voice. "The good of the arcade!"

Turbo cackled and wrapped his arms around her. "Yeah. That." He paused for a moment and lowered his eyes as he remembered the event. "And there you were. Thtood on one of the bar topth, wobbling around and thinging at the top of your lungth becauthe Ralph had dared you to thing made up wordth to Guile'th theme."

Ionia couldn't help but laugh loudly at the memory. "Yeah, I remember."

"Guile theemed to enjoy it."

"I think ol' brush head was so high on the atmosphere that he'd enjoy anything aimed at him. Even a song that included rude words."

Turbo snuggled into her, comforted by the warmth of her body. "What wath one of the lineth again? Thomething like... I've got big huge hair. I'm compenthating for my dong. Da da da da da da da da da, compenthating for my dong?"

"Yes! Yes, that was it!" Ionia laughed loudly again and buried her face into his chest. "I thought it was a masterpiece!"

"Well. That wath when I knew. I watched you thatnd there belting out thith thatirical tune ath your curvy body thwayed on the bar top." He took a moment to breathe in her scent. "I didn't know you were thutch a lightweight on root beer."

"I didn't even know you COULD get drunk on root beer."

"Thilly thweetfathe." Turbo closed his eyes and pressed his lips onto hers tenderly before pulling away and letting out a contented sigh. "You're a mythtery. A beautiful mythtery."

"Oh? Do you intend to solve me, Mister Turbo?"

"I don't think I could tholve your mythterieth. But, I intend to give it a damn good try." He leaned in again for a kiss, but Ionia had anticipated it and met him faster than he thought, their lips clashing together awkwardly.

"Ouch! Ow ow ow."

"Yeeeeth." Turbo put a hand to his mouth and shot Ionia a concerned look. "You OK?"

"Gah, you bit me." She brushed her lips with a finger and a streak of silver liquid smeared across it. "Those teeth of yours... They're dangerous."

Turbo looked somewhat hurt by her comment, his face contorting into a worried frown. He sat bolt upright and leaned over her. "Let me thee."

Ionia was busy mopping up the silver blood from her bottom lip, turned so she was laying on her back and smiled up at him. "It's OK. Honest!"


"Turbo. Honestly. It's fine, stop worrying. We both have big teeth, it's just something that we will have to get used to. I'm actually shocked it hadn't happened sooner."

Turbo lowered his head and flushed a little pink as he cursed himself for being so careless. "Mmhmm." His inner cursing was halted by Ionia who reached a hand up to his face and gently pulled him to hers.

"Besides. I... Kinda liked it." She flashed him a devilish smile and licked off the blood from her finger.

The racer stared at her dumbfounded, wondering if she was serious or not. It was then he remembered how much she had enjoyed the hair pulling, the scratching and the hard gripping when they had been intimate and had, in fact, begged for more. She liked pain? This, in his mind, was certainly an interesting development considering that she was not coded with anger emotional reactions. "You did?" He had to admit, he had enjoyed giving her what she wanted. He loved the feeling of being in control, to be the one calling the shots. It was just his nature. He had never even considered that it would be the same in bed.

"Oh yes. I sure did."

Turbo didn't say anything more, he just leaned in and bit down on her lower lip. This time on purpose, but not so hard as to draw blood. Ionia let out a satisfied gasp as she kept her lips still for him. He wasted no time in alternating his nipping from the top lip, to the bottom one and back again. The feeling of her body shivering against him was just amazing. His big, yellow teeth nipped at her lower lip once more and he finished by grazing his tongue against it.

"You're so..." Ionia felt out of breath. "Good at this." She could taste the metallic twang of her blood that was slowly seeping from the cut she had sustained from their clash between each rough kiss. To her, it was new but also very enjoyable. She too had no idea that she'd crave such rough treatment. And it was exactly that. A craving. She wanted him to be even rougher with her. She wanted to explore more and discover what she liked the most and what Turbo liked the most.

"Pleathe tell me... If it'th too much."

Turbo's breath was hot against her face as he spoke and it made her shiver again. "I will."

The racer moved down to her neck and nipped at it with his teeth, lightly at first and then harder. Ionia rolled herself slightly to allow him to reach her neck better, her breath laboured from the mixture of sensations that she was experiencing.

Turbo suddenly stopped what he was doing which caused Ionia to turn round sharply. They met each other's gaze and stared at one another for a while.

"I'm thorry... I'm thorry I thtopped. I jutht wanted to look at you. I wanted to make thure that you..." He stopped and lowered his gaze again.


"That you were thtill real."

Ionia almost melted over how precious he was. She turned back round, snatched him up and drew him close to her. Turbo felt so comforted by the way she was holding him and brought his knees up so he was curled into a ball in her arms. "Of course I'm still real. Why would you think I wasn't?"

Turbo shuddered as the thought of her vanishing and him waking up in his garage flooded his mind again and he curled up even more against her. "Becauthe I can't be tho lucky."

"So lucky?"

"I may be the worldth greatestht racer, but..." His voice cracked somewhat as he attempted to open up. Something that he had never done before. But somehow it felt right. With Ionia, he felt safe. She was his safe place. "I've never been with a woman before. They were never interethted in me when I tried."

"But, you're always so sure of yourself." Ionia rubbed his back and held onto him tighter.

"Of courthe. Publicly that ith how I prethent mythelf. I have to to keep my reputation."

"Oh... Yeah, your reputation. The reason you didn't want to be seen with me even when people suspected."

Turbo screwed up his face. He didn't want to respond to what she had just said. It pained him to think just how badly he had treated her all for the sake of his image. He sighed loudly and decided to avoid the topic entirely for fear of passing out from the guilt. "I've alwayth been a loner. Turbo, the thtar of TurboTime. Turbo, the greatetht rather ever. Turbo... The freak with grey thkin, yellow eyeth and yellow teeth."

"You're not a freak!" Ionia forced his face up to look her in the eyes with a hand. "You're not. You're different, quirky, interesting. Not a freak."

"Try telling them that. It'th alwayth 'hey Turbo, did you thmoke too many thigs?', 'Hey Turbo, when did you latht go to a dentitht?', 'HEY TURBO, how'th the liver?'"

"Who? Them?" She pointed in the general direction of her world's portal to Game Central Station and laughed under her breath. "Fuck them. They don't make you who you are, you do."

Turbo couldn't help but smile a little. "Yeah."

"I'd like to see them win races every damn day over and over. I bet they'd suck at it! They'd lose so badly and then we'd get to laugh at them and call them smelly butts."

He laughed even louder over her outburst and stroked a hand over her cheek. "Why ith it I can totally thee you doing that?"

"Because I would?" Ionia grinned at him proudly. "Besides. They say the same thing about me too. Apparently I'm a freak. So we can both be freaks together. Freaks freaking out all those dumb buttfaces who can't win races and probably have tiny dongs and wear pinky frilly undies."

Turbo nuzzled his face against hers and chuckled softly, shuffling a little to get more comfortable in her arms. "Thilly thweetfathe."

The End

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