Can't Help Myself - 3Mature

The cave was silent except for the sound of heavy breathing and the distant crashing of waves outside. Turbo and Ionia were laying on their cushions, breathless and dripping from head to toe with sweat from their amorous encounter. Turbo looks over at her still wondering if everything had been a dream. He couldn't believe that he had done what he had and that she had accepted his advances, let alone gone the whole way.

His yellow eyes wandered over her naked form as she lay there with her eyes closed in an attempt to regain her composure. Her bright fibre optic-like hair clung to her shoulders and chest due to her damp, sticky skin. He had to blink again for fear that she would fade away before him and he would wake in his dark garage to find it had been a dream.

He had had such dreams in the past. Dreams where he had been brave enough to tell her how he felt and where they would share a night of passion such as they had done moments ago. But every time he would wake up in a puddle of sweat and flush with disappointment to find there was no Ionia beside him, no warmth from her body... Just the cold interior of his garage, the smell of oil and fuel and the faint snoring of his racing rivals.

Turbo slowly stirred and weakly got to his knees. She was still there and he needed to feel his skin against hers again for his own peace of mind. But it was then he suddely became aware of himself. If this had been real, how had he done? Did he satisfy her? Did she consider him to be worthy? He shuffled closer and the movement caused Ionia to open her eyes. He opened his mouth, stopped himself and lowered his head nervously. Ionia reached out a hand and wrapped it behind him and rubbed his bare back. Turbo raised his head and looked Ionia in the eyes, his face still flushed and sweaty. His mouth twitched as he tried to speak, but nothing came out. Ionia smiled up at him warmly. She knew what he wanted to ask.

"You were amazing..."

Almost exhausted from the worry, Turbo let out a loud sigh as his body gave out sending him flopping onto her in a heap. She chuckled lightly and continued to rub his back. "I didn't know you were that self-conscious, Turbutt."

"Turbutt!?" His head shot up again. "What did you call me?"

She let out a louder laugh and patted his head. "Turbutt, Turbutt. It's my new pet name for you."

He jutted out his lower jaw and mumbled under his breath. "Well, fine. But I'm giving you a pet name in that cathe!" His eyes whirled around as he pondered on what to call her, but his train of thought was halted as Ionia wriggled under him. "Eee, ahh. Hold thtill."

"Can't. My butt is going to sleep."

"I don't hear it thnoring."

"You wouldn't want to." Ionia grinned as she gently picked him up and adjusted her position.

"Ah, yeah. Good point." Turbo was not a fan of people picking him up, but he allowed her to do so without protest. He knew she had no malicious intent. "Tho..." He rubbed a hand over his helmet in an attempt to adjust it. "What did you want to do now... Thweetfathe?"

"Thweetfathe?" Her eyes shot open wide as she let out a howl of laughter that echoed through the cave.

"Yeth, thweetfathe. That'th my nickname for you. And there'th no getting out of it!" He stabbed a finger towards her and grinned proudly. "Now, what thall we do nextht?"

"I dunno..." She let out a contented sigh enjoying the close contact. "I like this as it is."

Turbo stared at her calmly. "Yeah. It'th... nithe, ithn't it?" A small smile spread across his face as he leaned closer, placed both of his hands on her cheeks and drew her into a light kiss. "It'th a thame the arcade will be open again in a few hourth."

"Why, because we'll have to part ways?" Ionia was almost melting from the attention and wrapped her arms around him tightly to keep his face as close as she could. She loved staring into those big, yellow eyes of his.

"Well, there ith that, but..." His flashed her a big, cheeky smile. "I wath thinking of a repeat performanthe."

"Oh my!" Ionia slapped him playfully on the butt and grinned widely. "Turbutt, you are one naughty little guy."

"Hey, hey, hey. Leth of the little, if you pleathe." He grabbed hold of her chin with a hand and nipped at her lips. "We both know I'm not tho little, if you catch my meaning."

Ionia couldn't help but burst into gales of laughter once again. He was amusing to her and she loved that devilish streak in him. "Damn straight."

"Thtill..." Turbo looked around the cave whistfully. "It would be nithe to thpend more time with you. That ith, if you want to."

"Are you serious?" Ionia squished his face between both her hands and forced him to look at her, his lips poking out like a fish. "Of course I do. I wouldn't have just let you do that if I didn't. I'm not easy, you know."

The racer's face flushed pink for even saying such a thing and turned an even deeper shade as Ionia grabbed hold of him tightly and flipped their positions so that she was now over him. He swallowed nervously as he stared up at her big, blue eyes as she slowly lowered her naked body onto him and wriggled to get comfortable.

"I'm not squashing you, am I?"

"Nope! All good." Turbo felt his heart beating faster as he felt familiar female anatomy against his chest.

"Good." She lowered her head and planted soft kisses on his collar bone, then moved down to his chest and belly. She felt him shiver against her and noticed his skin prickle with goosebumps. "Is that good?"

"Y-Yeth. Tho good."

She smiled and continued, lightly kissing around his belly button, then going even lower. Turbo's eyes shot open as he felt her take him in her mouth and his breath halted in his throat.

Ionia ran her tongue up and down him and stopped to look him in the eye. "How about that? Is that good too?"

Turbo couldn't speak. He just nodded as he grasped the cushion below him tightly, sweat rolling down his face again as the familiar feeling of blood rushing downwards filled his senses. It was scary, it was nerve-wracking, it was amazing!

Ionia had managed to work up a rhythm and was giving it all she had. She loved hearing him react to her actions and revelled in every moan he let out. His hands had found their way to her head and had tangled in her hair as she upped her pace. Every time he made a sound she felt his hands tighten their grip. Only when she had decided that she had worked him up enough did she stop, wipe her mouth and give him a playful grin.

Turbo's head shot up and he stared at her like a deer caught in headlights. "Wh... Why have you th-thtopped!?"

"Oh, I thought you might have had enough." She laughed teasingly as she rubbed a hand down her chest to get him even more riled up.

"You evil, evil... DON'T THTOP!" He groaned in frustration and threw his head back so hard that his helmet rolled off revealing a mess of wet, black hair. "D-DON'T!"

Ionia decided she had teased him long enough and shuffled over him, lined up her hips over his and slowly lowered herself onto him. His head shot up again as he felt her around him once more, his face glowing red. It was then she moved her hips and the feeling overwhelmed him. "How? How can... How can you have thith power over me?"

Ionia bent forward and leaned in towards his face. "Must be space magic." She straightened up again and raised her arms, rotating her hips and caressing herself seductively.

Turbo's eyes followed her every move as his mouth hung open in shock at what he was witnessing. He reached a hand up and ran it down her belly and over her hips. Those curves... They felt divine. He ran his hand back up and Ionia leaned down a little to allow him to explore her body more easily and he did so readily. "Tho... Tho... Thweet."

Ionia had given up talking. She was enjoying herself far too much. Her pace had quickened and her breath had become more laboured as she began to let out small moans as his hands caressed her body. Turbo's heart skipped a beat with every sound she made and started to match her rhythm with his own movement to make the experience even more intense. He grabbed hold of her hips tightly and guided her in a circular movement to which she happily obliged. The two gasped loudly at the change and clenched their hands onto whatever they were gripping on to. For Turbo it happened to be Ionia's hips and it made her squeal with delight.

"I love it... When you thqueal." He did it again and Ionia squealed once more.

"Well," Ionia tried to speak, "It's my turn to make you squeal."

Turbo just grinned wickedly as she upped her pace, leaned forwards and entangled her fingers in his hair.

It took a while, but she finally managed it. Turbo let out shrill cries of pleasure, the likes of which had never been heard before from him. He yelled her name over and over and collapsed in a heap under her. She had no idea how he had such stamina to go for so long, but she certainly wasn't complaining. She flopped forwards and rolled over so she wasn't squishing him and grinned, satisfied with her work. For such a small guy he packed a punch, that was for certain. She ran a finger over his body and watched him catch his breath.

After regaining his composure somewhat, the racer looked beside him and stared at Ionia in shock. "How... How did you do that!?" He had never experienced anything like it in his life and he had no idea that he could even be so loud.

She smiled at him peacefully and snuggled into the cushion beneath her. "Like I said... Space magic!"

The End

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