Can't Help Myself - 2Mature

It took slight, repetitive movements, but in the end Turbo was successful. Ionia felt sharp, seering pain that faded into the most amazing sensation she had ever felt. She grasped hold of the cushion underneath her body as he leaned down and kissed her chest and began moving himself back and fourth. After a sharp intake of breath, Ionia peered downwards to her companion whose face was glowing a bright red colour as his eyes rolled back further and further with each new movement that he made. His breath was ragged and gritty as his vocal chords expelled the pressure building up inside of him. The rhythm now set, he slowly lifted his head up and stared into Ionia's blue eyes as his hands gripped onto her hips tightly.

"I..." Ionia's voice was shaky. "I..."

Turbo instantly silenced her with a sudden and much harder thrust which sent her reeling. He felt her muscles weaken and he loved it. It was like she was at his mercy and he found such odd satisfaction in it. Maybe it was his coding. Maybe he was never really a hero, but something else. He shook his head free of the thoughts that had flooded his brain. The brain, he grumbled inwardly, that was supposed to be focusing on having the best damn sexual encounter he would probably ever have in his coded existence.

Ionia wriggled under him as his hands reached for her face to get her to focus on him. Her eyes were glazed over, her cheeks were deep crimson and those lips were pulsing with each heaving breath that she took. She allowed him to roughly press his thumb against them, her tongue grazing the end before he slid it downwards, trailing saliva down her chin as his other hand grasped hold of her hair. It was rough. It was harsh. It was amazing.

"Pull." Ionia stared down at him lustfully as he continued at his pace. It took a moment for him to react, but he obliged, tangled his fingers in her hair and pulled on it without hesitation. She yelled out from the pain, but she was loving every moment. Something about her coding made her crave it. Her hands reached down to Turbo's body. "Harder!" Again, he obeyed, this time increasing the strength of each thrust as well as tugging on her long, fibre-like strands.

"Ngggh!" He cringed as she reacted by digging her fingers into his flesh, slowly dragging them downwards. The resulting marks glowied bright red and his eyes caught sight of them. He had to admit, it felt so good that he wanted more. More scratches. More marks on his flesh. His perfect, white flesh. But, those marks were tainting his perfect image. She would pay for that. He flashed her a sinister grin and moved her legs upwards, pushing against the backs of her knees with his palms as he arched himself over her. She would pay dearly. "Thcream, Ionia." His voice rattled in his throat as he dug his fingers into the back of her knees and dragged them down harshly across her thighs. She yelled loudly and gritted her teeth as her skin was set on fire by the pain.

Turbo's grin widened. It was the reaction he had hoped for. "You're all mine, thweet fathe." He traced his tongue against the skin on her chest, all the while his hands kept her legs held high. "And I'm not tharing."

"All... All yours." Ionia had a hard time forming words as he began to pick up the pace again. "Oh gods, oh gods!" Her hands flailed wildly for something to grip on to and found his rear end. She held on tightly and pressed him further into her each time he moved forwards. It was as if it wasn't enough for her. She felt like she wanted so much more of him. It was then she managed to muster up enough strength to force herself out of his grasp. He let out a surprised yelp as he felt himself being seized and flipped onto his back without any warning at all. His heart skipped a beat, but he managed to shake himself free of the shock as he watched his companion drop downwards, her hands either side of his helmet. He stared into her eyes for a moment and read the same thing as what he was feeling held within them. He wanted her so badly. He wanted more.

Ionia leaned downwards, lowering her body slowly onto his. She wanted to be fully skin to skin and wasted no time in creating friction between them both. Her body brushed against him as her lips found his, both writhing in ecstacy as they explored each other's mouths once again.

"I'm..." She tried to speak. "I'm not... Sharing either."

Turbo watched as she sat upright and took hold of his lower region in her hand. She slowly positioned her hips over him and directed him inside. She let out a lustful moan as she started to rock her hips back and forth.

Turbo felt overwhelmed by the experience. He was now at her mercy instead of the other way round, but it was beautiful. Every movement that she made sent waves of pleasure through his entire body. He grunted as he felt the blood leave his upper half again, his eyes clouded with sparks. "Nghhh, Ionia. D..." His hands carressed her belly as she worked up her own rhythm, getting faster and faster as her breathing became more and more ragged. "Don't thtop. Wh-Whatever you do, don't... Don't thtop." Turbo almost growled the last part of his sentence as he felt her tense up around him, her soft moans evolving into loud, passionate screams. He grasped hold of her and brought her forwards so that she was lying fully on top of him and angled himself so that he could match her movements himself. She flopped on top of him awkwardly as if her body was not her own, but continued moving her hips faster and faster as she felt him match her tempo.

Their voices echoed through the cave. Moans, grunts, groans, yells and screams. Ionia had reached her limit and almost brought the walls down around her with the power from her voice. She clung onto him tightly as her body gave up, unable to move anymore as she climaxed, yelling his name. Turbo's eyes rolled back in their head as he felt her insides tense up firmly around him as his ears echoed with the sound of her screaming his name like the roaring cheer of the crowd he was so fond of. She had grown weak, but he knew he had to finish it and took hold of her hips. In one final flurry, he climaxed himself as his hands gripped onto her tightly. "Nggggaaahhh!"

Ionia exhaled as she felt a burst of warmth within her and buried her face in the cushions beside him. Turbo's head began to swim as his ears hissed with the sound of blood rushing through his veins. He felt amazing. He felt like he did when he won a race. No, even better than that.

There was no conversation for some time, just the sound of laboured breathing and the low rumble of the sea from outside. Turbo put a little pressure on her so that she understood that he wanted to move. She allowed him to direct her onto her back again with him on top, never breaking their embrace. He slowly pulled out and relaxed on her, shuffling upwards to be nearer her face. Ionia squirmed as she felt him pull himself free, distracted by a strange trickling sensation from below. She knew what it was and couldn't help but giggle at the mess she was probably making of the poor cushion beneath her.

Turbo lifted his head up a little to look at her, his face still very red from the exertion. Ionia just smiled at him softly, she felt that a vocal response would ruin the moment. The two stared at each other for the longest time before finally one of them spoke.

"You're amazing."

Turbo cracked a small smile over Ionia's praise and planted a soft kiss on her lips. "I'm Turbo-tathtic, baby."

The End

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