Can't Help Myself - 1Mature

Turbo looked to his blue companion as she sat and watched the sun go down. He had decided to visit her game after a few weeks of constantly going to meet in Sugar Rush and was enjoying the change. The world in which she resided was beautiful and colourful and had so many stunning views, secluded beaches and quaint towns and villages. Since her game was pretty huge and players could explore as well as play the game itself, it meant that there were lots of places to choose from when it came to hang out spots. He was pleased by the spot she had chosen, a small sandy beach closed in on both sides by cliffs, the bright blue sea in front and a dark, but cosy looking cave behind them. The world featured dynamic seasons, weather and a day and night cycle and the sun was going down over the horizon rapidly.

The sand crunched under his feet as he shifted his weight. He had taken a step back to allow Ionia space to enjoy the sunset in peace. It seemed as if she had made this a regular thing when in her world and he didn't want to break that tradition for her. Suddely, a voice snapped him out of his thought process.

"Hey, are you watching the sunset with me, or not?"

He locked eyes with Ionia and, for once, was not sure how to respond. He stammered with his words for a moment before silently trudging closer, his hands stuffed in his racing suit pockets.

"Do I stink?" She teased grinning down at him. "I thought you were avoiding me!"

He shook his head. "Don't be thilly."

Ionia let out a small chuckle. She found his unusual lisp adorable. "I'm not silly." She stuck out her tongue and returned her gaze to the sunset.

The sky had lit up. Reds, oranges, peaches, greens. It was breathtakingly beautiful and Turbo couldn't help but feel a small amount of jealousy that his game didn't have such a feature.

"Huh." He scuffed a foot over the sand and sniffed through his nose. "It's... Nice I suppose."

"Only nice?" Ionia pursed her lips and tilted her head. "Gosh, you sure are difficult."

Turbo gave shot her an irritable frown before looking back at the sky. Ionia just swatted a hand to dismiss his sudden mood swing, as she had grown somewhat accustomed to it. She looked back at the view in front of her and let out a small, yet satisfied sigh, involuntarily letting out a small puff of mist from her vents. Turbo, who was stood in the near vicinity of the mist, got a face full and he had to swat it away. He looked up at her with another frown, but she was occupied with sky watching. He watched her as her smile grew wider and wider as the sky grew deeper in colour. It tinged her armour with fiery tones, something alien against her bright blue colouration. Her optics glowed brightly highlighting her facial features with its glow. He sensed a strange fluttering in his stomach and felt as if he was about to plummet off a cliff.

"Egh." He cleared his throat and placed a hand to his brow, his gaze now broken from his companion. He scrunched his eyes shut to try and stop whatever was happening to him and felt somewhat relieved when it died down. He opened his eyes again and looked back at Ionia who was now fixated on him. She kneeled down and shot him a sympathetic look.

"Is everything OK? You don't look well."

Her close proximity felt strange to him and he felt oddly breathless. Sweat forced itself from his pores as she placed a hand on his shoulder and brushed the other over his helmet. "I'm... I'm... I'm fine." He stuttered a little, but managed to find himself again after averting his gaze. "Thtop futhing!"


"Yes, futhing!"

"OH! Fussing! You mean fussing?"

"That'th what I jutht thaid ithn't it?" Turbo looked back at her with a frown and wrinkled his nose at her, but was surprised when he discovered that she had managed to get even closer to him and nearly rammed his face right into hers as he turned. He let out a small yelp and drew back a little, terrified as his heart seemed to stop beating for a moment. He clasped a hand against his chest and took a deep breath. "Don't do that!"

"Do what?" Ionia had no idea why he was acting so oddly, but she felt concerned regardless. "Hey, you're not looking so great. Are you ill?" She reached for him again and took hold of his wrist. "Come on, I'll take you back to your game if you're feeling urpy."

Sweat began to drip from his pores again as soon as she made contact. He swiped his hand from out of her grasp and turned his back with a huff. "I thaid, thtop futhing! I'm fine!" He bit down on his lower lip as he rubbed at his wrist. Her touch had made his skin tingle.

"Stop being a stubborn mule." She shuffled closer on her knees and the sand crunched with each movement. "I won't have you copping it in my game!" She took hold of him by his helmet, lifted him up and plopped him back down facing her, her grip still firmly on either side of his head.  "You know what'll happen then." Her eyes had dimmed and  her face seemed somewhat sad.

Turbo knew that Ionia couldn't get angry, nervous, or sad due to how she had been programmed and wondered if this was the extent of the emotion that she could manage without glitching. He didn't know what to say. It was not often that he had anyone care about his wellbeing and it felt a little alien. He felt a lump forming in his throat and it felt like it was stopping his vocal chords from functioning, no words would come out no matter how hard he tried.

Ionia slowly released her grip on him and  sat down properly in the sand and watched him hoping for some sort of reply. She was ready to rush him back to his game if she had to and she would not hesitate given any sign that he wanted to go back. "Turbo... Honestly. Tell me what's wrong."

Turbo felt her grip leave the side of his head and it felt oddly heavy without the support. He put his head in his hands and rubbed at his face roughly in an attempt to scrub away the strange heated sensation in his cheeks. When he removed his hands his face was red and he tried to keep his face lowered so that his helmet hid as much of it as possible.


"What?" He managed to croak out a reply.

Ionia reached out with both of her arms and hooked them around him, drawing him into a warm embrace. She rested one of her hands on the back of his helmet and patted it gently. "It's OK. You can tell me. We are friends."

Turbo froze on the spot as he was brought in to her chest plating. His heart was beating so loudly that he was scared that she might be able to feel it against her. The blood rushed to his head and he felt dizzy and fell limp in her grasp. She caught him and shifted his legs over her thighs so that he didn't hurt himself and had something to sit on. "Woah now. Watch yourself. See! I knew something was wrong. I'm taking you back to your game."

She was just about to get up and carry him off when she felt his hand take hold of her armour to stop her. Turbo slowly looked up at her, revealing his red, sweaty face and he wrinkled his nose. He waited for a reaction, but his eyes kept wandering to her lips. Those blue, plump, shiny lips. He shuddered and looked back at her eyes.

Ionia sat down again and released her grip a little as she felt him reaching for one of her hands. She wasn't sure what he was doing, but allowed him to pull her hand from around him and watched carefully as he slowly placed it against his chest. Her eyes widened as she felt his heart thumping violently against his ribcage and his breath heavy and forced.

"Turbo, I..." She was instantly interrupted.

"I'm thorry." He muttered through ragged breaths. "I jutht can't help it."

"What?" She stared at his red face in the hopes of reading his expression to get answers on what was going on, but was distracted as she felt him release her hand and grasp hold of her collar dragging her forwards.

"I can't help mythelf." Satisfied with her proximity he let go of her collar and took hold of the sides of her face with both of his hands, yanked her forwards and pressed his lips firmly onto hers.

She let out a small yelp and instinctively tried to draw back, but caught herself and allowed him to continue keeping her eyes firmly on his face. After a few seconds he released his grip on her and drew back in horror at what he had just done. His yellow eyes were filled with dread of what the consequences might be, but Ionia just sat there and smiled. That big, goofy smile that she always wore. The smile he had been greeted with when he had first met her. She touched a hand to her lips and rubbed them, chuckling to herself over the delightful tingling sensation.

Turbo felt relieved. The sinking feeling left him and was replaced by the confidence he was known for. He felt like himself again and he knew exactly what he wanted. He moved his face nearer to hers again and grinned at her with his big, yellow teeth.

"Well," laughed Ionia averting her gaze sheepishly, "I must say that a kiss really is as good as they say."

Turbo's eyes shot open. That was her first kiss? It had been his too, but he would never tell anyone that. What had he done? He had stolen her first kiss from her. What must she think? And, more to the point, was he good? He pulled away and struggled with his words again, but was yanked straight back to the same place as before by Ionia who was grinning at him widely. "Can I..." She pursed her lips. "Can I... have another?"

That fluttering feeling returned and Turbo felt his face flush hot again. He had no idea just how red he had turned and for once he didn't care. His attentions were now firmly on his companion who was actually asking him for another kiss. Asking him! Turbo. For another kiss. He couldn't believe his luck. His mouth curved up into a sly grin as he placed his hands on the side of her face again. "Like you have to athk."

He pressed his lips on hers and felt her melt into him, her hands grasping hold of his clothing tightly. It was oddly satisfying and he wanted more. He ghosted kissed against her lips as lightly as possible and had to stagger his breathing as his heart was beating so hard he could almost hear the blood rushing through his veins. The butterfly kisses felt amazing and Ionia let out an involuntary whimper as her fingers gripped tighter onto his racing suit.

The sun had almost entirely gone down and the sky was a light green leading to a deep blue. Turbo knew that they shouldn't stay where they were for fear of being caught, especially with sounds going on like Ionia had just made. He reluctantly drew away and pushed himself off of her. He brushed off some sand that had found its way onto his clothing and looked over at Ionia who was wondering why he had pulled away. "Well, I'm thure you don't want all creathion to be aware of uth doing that, would you?" He grinned widely and pointed to the cave behind them. Ionia instantly jumped up without a word and virtually dived into the cave, Turbo following close behind her.

The cave was dark and smelled damp, but Ionia had that covered. She frequently visited the cave and had decked it out with her own items and that included lighting. She attached a wire to a joint in her armour and the cave lit up around them. The lighting ran on her own energy and needed a boost every once in a while. She pulled back a navy blue leaf patterned fabric curtain and welcomed Turbo into her hideout. It had a large chamber with textiles, pillows, tables and had cloths draped against the walls to make it more comfortable. It looked very comfortable indeed and Turbo couldn't help but smile. It was better than his dark, smelly garage anyway.

Ionia drew the curtain to shut out the outside world, walked over to a mound of plush cushions and plopped herself down on them roughly. She smiled over to Turbo and watched as he took in his surroundings before focusing his attention on her once again. He slowly made his way over and sat on the cushion in front of her. Suddenly felt very aware of himself, he swallowed loudly as his brain registered just how small he was compared to her. His helmet suddenly felt very heavy and he felt a little itchy. He leaned his head on a hand and reclined on his side as Ionia stretched her legs upwards and arched her back to get comfortable.

Turbo felt his face flush red again as he looked her over. His eyes traced her legs and hips, but he closed his eyes and stopped himself, cursing himself inwardly for looking. But his body had other ideas and his eyes opened again and continued to look her over. Every curve was pleasing to look at and he found himself breathing heavily again as his eyes met her lips as she stretched more and let out a satisfied moan.

He reached out a hand and placed it on her forearm as she relaxed, tracing it lightly. Ionia turned her head to look at him and smiled softly, which he took as permission to continue with what he was doing. He shuffled closer and moved his fingers upwards to her shoulder.

"Mmm, that feels good."

It was then Turbo noticed that her upper arm was covered with an outer layer of soft sillicone-like material and he cocked an eyebrow with curiosity for a moment before shrugging it off and resuming his caresses.

He reached further up and his finger met her neck. She leaned her head away from him to allow him better access and let out a gasp. He could tell she really enjoyed that particular spot and he was definitely going to use that to his advantage. While her head was turned he took the opportunity to get to his knees. He moved over her and leaned down softly kissing her neck. Well, that did it. She moaned loudly and arched her back taking him with her as her body knocked him off his feet. She relaxed again and turned her head back to look at Turbo as she felt that he was on top of her, her own face now tinged with a red glow.

"Wow. You sure know how to push my buttons." Laughed Ionia breathlessly. "You fiend, you!"

Turbo didn't say anything in reply, he was too far gone for conversation. He launched himself forwards and violently pushed his mouth on hers causing her to squeak from the sheer shock of the action, but she soon relaxed as his hands did their magic and caressed her neck and jawline. His tongue brushed against her lower lip and she slowly opened her mouth almost on autopilot allowing him access. The pair writhed breathlessly as they explored each other's mouths, Ionia somewhat cautiously as she had not forgotten just how large his teeth actually were. The last thing she wanted was to be minus a tongue at such a moment.

Turbo pulled his head away from hers and tried to catch his breath, but it felt almost impossible. His head was swimming and he could feel all the blood rushing away from his face and down towards his gut. He screwed up his face as he felt it go even lower still and he had to adjust himself as he was now uncomfortable. Ionia's eyes widened a little upon feeling something pressing against her that wasn't there before and was almost about to ask if Turbo carried a gun with him when she realized what it actually was. Her face reddened even more.

After a quick shuffle Turbo leaned back down and aimed for her neck again, he wanted to exploit that as much as possible. The sounds she made drove him crazy. He ran his tongue from the bottom of ner neck up to her jaw and back again and he almost lost it when Ionia moaned, dug her fingers into his back and scratched them downwards.

It was getting too hot. Far too hot. He wiped his brow with his sleeve between kissing her neck and face. Ionia stopped him and slowly sat up, adjusting Turbo so that he was sat with his legs around her waist.  She bit down on her lower lip and grinned as she took hold of his zipper and slowly begain to move it downwards. It took him by surprise, but he soon snapped out of it and allowed her to continue. She unzipped him as far as his waist and carefully pushed her fingers under the fabric around his shoulders, gently pushing it back and caressing his skin at the same time. He had never felt anything like it and he almost melted against her.

Ionia sat there and smiled down at Turbo and admired his bright white skin. He was unusual to look at and not like anyone she had ever seen. He was somewhat skinny, but she was surprised to see that under his suit his arms were actually athletically built. His chest was completely devoid of hair and curved down to a small, round belly. She found herself shyly averting her gaze like a giggling school girl and tried to occupy herself by removing her shoulder plates.

Thunk. Thunk. They hit the cushions beside them and Ionia looked back at the racer as he watched her every move. She reached behind her and unhooked her wings and boosters, allowing them to fall safely behind her on a large cushion. Then her hand reached under her jaw and a loud snap was heard and her upper helm came off with a single tug revealing long, thin cables which resembled optical fibre that glowed a gentle light blue. It was not hair, but it looked very much like it and it framed her face perfectly. Turbo found himself reaching for it. He just had to feel it. It was warm and light and there was almost a small static charge against his fingers. It was then he noticed her reaching under her right arm. She had lowered her gaze and he tilted his head with curiosity. A loud click was heard and Ionia moved her chest armour a little to gauge his reaction. Turbo understood why she had started to act a little shy and he felt a bead of sweat roll down his cheek as he watched in silence.

Thunk. Her chest armour fell to the ground revealing very human anatomy underneath that was coated in a form-fitting, silicone-like material just like her arms. Turbo had to stop himself from diving on her there and then, it was all too much for him. He closed his eyes, took a deep breath and opened them again. He was determined to see this through properly. After all, this was his first time experiencing anything of the sort.

Ionia reached downwards and Turbo moved so she could reach her legs. She unhooked the two leg plates and discarded them. That was as far as she was going and Turbo moved back towards her and got to his knees. He shuffled and removed his racing suit and Ionia couldn't help but let out a small chuckle as she saw that he was wearing boxer shorts with big red T shapes on them. But Turbo didn't want her to focus on them, so he took her head in his hands again and took her lower lip in his mouth. He'd be damned if his choice in underwear ruined such a fine moment.

Satisfied her attention had been successfully diverted, he reached his hands round to her back and rubbed them up and down, alternating between hard massage and light tickling. He then noticed a small gap in the texture around the base of her head. Ionia moved her hand back and placed it on top of his. She slowly guided him to take hold of the sillicone material in his fingers and pull. The outer layer began to peel away revealing bare, bright white flesh. It was not flesh in the human sense of the word, but more like a synthetic material similar to the outer coating, only more dense. It was ever so slightly translucent like her face. Turbo smiled slightly realizing that the light blue on her thighs, belly and arms was only a protective covering. He pulled on it and revealed her true form, identical to that of a humans in every, single, perfect, intimate detail. He couldn't resist. He dived in for another kiss as he allowed her to remove the rest down to her waist. Ionia moved her head to the side and took a breath, leaned back and allowed him to be on top of her once more. "Don't forget them."

Turbo had to think what she meant for a second and then realized that she was referring to her lower armour. He sheepishly reached a hand downwards and fumbled around for a way to remove them, but couldn't figure it out at all. Ionia just lay there chuckling inwardly over his struggle and finally guided his hand to a side clasp. He popped it open and nervously slid the armour away from her hips as she lifted herself up to allow him to do so. After it was off, Ionia slid the sillicone coating off fully and watched as Turbo tried his best not to look at her fully naked form. She found his awkwardness adorable. "It's OK. You can look."

He gave quick sideways glances and turned redder with each one. Ionia knew that he wasn't going to do it willingly, so she decided to take matters into her own hands. Literally. She took hold of one of his hands and placed it on her belly, slowly moving it upwards until it reached an unmistakable body part. Turbo's head shot round to look at what his hand was on and almost passed out when he saw that she had placed his hand fully on her chest. She just smiled sympathetically and reached for his other hand, brought it to her belly and repeated the action, before yanking him on top of her again. She was being poked again and Turbo had to shuffle around again to avoid any pain and suffering, something that Ionia enjoyed. She liked the feeling of friction between them. Her inner flesh rarely had any contact and it was extra sensitive. She wanted him to continue and took hold of his sides and gently moved him back and fourth. This also felt good for him too and he lost himself in the sensation for a moment.

It was then that Turbo clicked on to the fact that she had sensitive skin and was even more determined to explore. Still somewhat shy at first, he cautiously moved his hands around. They were still where Ionia had placed them. She wriggled under him, enjoying what he was doing greatly. This encouraged him to go further and so he reached his head down to her neck once again and began to lightly bite at it. Had Ionia not been too busy moaning from the pleasure, she may have been somewhat unnerved by it. His hands moved from their position slowly down her sides. Being small, he couldnt reach too far, so Ionia lifted her knees to allow him to rub down her thighs.

Shifting a little, Turbo bravely reached past her belly to a more intimate area. This made Ionia instantly arch her back and emit a loud gasp. He took that as a sign that he was doing good and explored her further with his fingers while his mouth kissed at her chest area. He must have hit the spot as Ionia yelled loudly sending Turbo completely over the edge. He quickly discarded his boxer shorts, which landed over the other side of the cave and started to reach for his helmet when Ionia, breathless, stopped him. "N-No. L-L-Leave it on."

Turbo grinned wickedly as he tugged a nearby blanket and pulled it over the top of them both. He positioned himself carefully and massaged the sides of her thighs with his fingertips. Ionia looked down at him and took one of her fingers in her mouth seductively.

"Gentleman, start your engine."

The End

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