Worlds ApartMature

Blanky was seated by the window on the train ride back home, thinking about her recent visit to her friend Axel Dastardly; in particular her encounter with Dr. Birkin. She couldn’t quite believe she had asked to go on a date with him.  She had always been so cautious, so picky about the men she dated (who weren’t many) and yet, here she was, on a date, with someone not of her game.


She thought about the date itself. He had been pleasant enough, a gentleman. She was somewhat worried of how she had behaved- had she been too friendly, too straight forward with him, which could have perhaps put him off? Too giggly? She remembered falling asleep on his shoulder, during the movie marathon in her hotel room after their hot chocolate and pancakes. She shuddered with embarrassment.  She couldn't even remember much of what she'd talked about, but one sentence suddenly stood out: I have great admiration for scientists. What the hell was wrong with her? She hated scientists, whom she considered to be the spawn of Satan. She blamed them for losing her trust in the human race. And now she blamed herself for meeting up with one. Her younger self would no doubt be appalled. Of course, she couldn’t tell him how she really felt, especially since she didn't know him and it was their first date only (if she could even call it that), but still. Had she forgotten who she was? Had all those tests and shocks actually damaged her brain some?


She had to admit though, there was something about him; perhaps it was his awkwardness over his crimes he had confessed to, which she couldn’t help but find adorable. Something which made her feel she could, dare she say it, trust him. Perhaps it was also the fact that he had suffered just as she had, at the hands of the police, and his mutations. That smile, those blue eyes-just thinking about it made her all giggly, like a school girl with a crush. It was ridiculous: She was an officer of the law, he was a scientist, and a bad guy. They were from different worlds; this kind of union was frowned upon. And yet she couldn't help the way she felt. It was obvious she was falling for him. Despite her disturbing past, she’d always had a taste for danger, which was what she was exposed to in her daily job anyway. This time though, it was different.


'Last stop!' The driver's voice woke her as the train pulled into her station, Horrorland. She had drifted off somewhere along the way, tired from her recent encounter.  She would be seeing Niky again who would be there to pick her up. Slappy and Rocky too. Slowly, drowsily she shuffled out of her seat toward the carriage door, her rucksack her only luggage.  It was getting cold and she wrapped her jacket tighter around her. As she exited the train, she thought about her predicament again, falling in love with Dr Birkin. Snap out of it, officer Wood, she smacked herself mentally. This isnt who you are.


Suddenly, a crazy notion came over her. Just before leaving the station, she walked over to the ticket booth, checking she had the right amount of cash in her wallet before handing it over to the creepy faceless figure behind the glass. 
'One return ticket to Sugar Rush please, for the 21st.'

The End

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