Arag Has Some Doubts

I think the title sums it up, but whatever. Look, when Arag doubts, things happen, and sometimes those things are big things. Italics are the narrator bothering you with his opinions, taunts, threats, and other nonsense.

Things are not always what they are, or so some might say.  Arag the Touched believes this in much the same way he believes he is not who he thinks he is.  Needless to say, Arag is and has always been touched.  Still, there might be something to his belief, a belief he believes is not what he believes it to be.  He often feels muddled and tends to be uneasy, unsure of his surroundings, his motivations, his thoughts, and even his existence.

I would tell you Arag is our protagonist if it was true.  But, then if I told you that there would always be the possibility he is not the protagonist.  Anyway, it’s not for me to say, so I will say no more about it.

Arag is a Neanderthal.  I mean that literally.  He lives in a long lost age.  He is the last of his kind and is about to be attacked by a human.  That human, Bok, thinks Arag is an abomination.  Bok believes all such abominations should be killed and has killed many of them, including women and children.  Bok has a club.  Arag has a leaf that he might soon use.

Right about now, Arag is relieving himself behind a large boulder, a boulder Bok is standing on.

Arag had been constipated for days.  He knew this, but didn’t believe he knew it.  Despite that, he squatted down to relieve himself.

Above him, on the boulder, Bok stared down at Arag, ready to jump down and club the abomination to death.

The sun was rising in the east, casting Bok’s shadow down the west side of the boulder, a shadow that Arag could see since he was on the west side of the boulder.  Unlike Bok, Arag had some small clue about shadows and what they meant, or not.  Arag looked up just in time to see Bok jump down, club in hand.

Arag dodged to the side, swatting at the smaller human and knocking him down.  Bok had dropped his club and Arag rushed to pick it up.  Bok got up and took a few steps back, wondering if the abomination would send him into the darkness of night, the netherworld for humans who died at the hands of abominations.

Arag did not want to kill this human.  It was not his way.

Bok, ignorant of the fact that Arag didn’t really want to hurt him, launched at Arag and tried to knock him over, but Arag stepped to the side and threw Bok to the ground again.

Bok rose and glared at Arag, Bok’s most loathsome glare.  He shouted something Arag didn’t understand.

“Go away,” said Arag in modern English, a language he should not have known since it didn’t exist yet.  Of course, Bok didn’t understand English and launched himself at Arag.  Again, Arag threw the human to the ground.

“Quit bugging me,” said Arag, picking up Bok’s club from the ground.

Bok let out a shout, calling for help, but none of his tribe members were within earshot.  He got up and lunged at Arag, who swung the club, hitting Bok on the head, knocking him out.

“Stupid human,” said Arag.  “Or maybe he is not a human.  Who knows? I doubt he is not a wooly mammoth.”

In that instant Bok’s dead body turned into the body of a very large, quite dead, odiferous wooly mammoth.

“Of course, I doubt this wooly mammoth is not a rock,” said Arag.  The wooly mammoth turned into a rock.  “Whatever, none of this is real.”

Arag’s particular point of view has a rather interesting effect on reality.  It allows him to change things by doubting they aren’t what they might be.  So, for instance, if Arag sees the sun and doubts it is the sun, and, in fact, doubts it isn’t nothing at all, the sun will cease to exist.  This is an example of a doubt negation modified by a negative doubt instantiation.  Fortunately, the sun is very bright and Arag avoids looking at it and thinking about it.  Could you imagine what would happen if Arag turned the sun into nothing at all?  Unfortunately, Arag has many doubts about things and ideas and has a tendency to drastically alter reality, and not just for himself.

Arag returned to his home, a sprawling modern affair overlooking a lake, another product of doubt, a rather nice one in Arag’s mind.  He sat on his sofa and turned on the TV, a device he truly enjoyed and avoided doubting.  He also avoided doubting his beautiful home, having doubted it once before, turning it into a dark, dank, cold cave with poor ventilation and ravenous rats.

Arag put his bare feet up on the coffee table, then doubted he was dressed as a Neanderthal, opting for a pair of khaki shorts and a Hawaiian shirt.

Through his twenty foot by twelve foot window he saw a group of humans approaching his house.  This caused him no concern since his property was surrounded by an invisible force field that if touched would disintegrate the one who touched it.  He watched as one of the humans walked into the force field and turned to dust.  Two more humans died before they got wise.

The End

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