Under ArrestMature

Chapter 7: Under Arrest
Abu, by JSimmons
Word count: 508

Well, it's really nice, hangin' out with pretty girls in the fading light of the late afternoon. Abu thought poetically.  Soon though, it was gonna get pretty dark and it was time for the girls to go. He got to his feet, and helped Rajah up too.

"C'mon Al, its time for these girls to go." Abu said, a little annoyed at the sappy expression on Al's face. He glanced at  Rajah, who seemed a bit relieved to be going home. Abu was kinda disappointed, but accepted it. Rajah and Jasmine were both clean, and that made them completely out of Al and Abu's league. It was nice for them to be hanging out at all, but, Al was pushing things. They were leaning in for a kiss now, and Abu yanked Al's shoulder just as a crashing sound came from the entrance to the ruined house.

It was Abdul's men, come to take back the money Al had won last night, probably.

"Al..." Abu said, backing away slowly. Al looked up and saw the thugs, then turned to Jasmine, who was staring at them in fear.

"Do you trust me?" He asked Jasmine, who, amazingly, answered yes. Al grabbed her hand and they leaped out the window.

"C'mon." Abu said to Rajah, one leg already on the sill. Without a word, she quickly jumped out the window, landing on the strategically placed awning. Abu missed the soft cloth on landing though, and landed instead on the guard blocking Al's escape with Jasmine. The larger man went down, all his breath knocked out of him, but more were pouring into the narrow alleyway. Abu and Al fought with everything they had, but soon they were surrounded and the thugs soon had Al and Abu on their knees in front of the thug Abu had floored.

"Where's the money?" He asked.

"What money?" Abu spat.

"You know, dont you boy?" He grabbed Al by the throat.

"I won it fair and square," Al choked. "I beat your champion."

The two girls were being held by their wrists by a thug behind the main guy, but Jasmine amazinly, spoke up.

"Let him go!" She screamed. "By order of the princess let him go!" Abu was slightly miffed at the "him" indicating Al only, but Al's only reaction was shock. 

"The Princess?" He asked, stupidly. 

"Is that really the priority here?" Abu replied, before a sharp kick in the ribs shut him up.

"Give us the money, or we'll turn you into the palace guards for theft of private property." The thug said.

"We dont have--" Abu began, but Al's conscience won out.

"Its in the house, under a loose stone. Just, let the girls go." He said. Dang hero complex. Abu groaned out loud.

The main thug turned to the girls, peering at Jasmine. "The Princess huh? We'll see about that. Take them all to the Palace!"

"Thats it, we're all going to jail." Abu muttered as all four of them were taken away.

The End

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