A Distastefull JobMature

Chapter: Seven

Aseim: TheBear73

Word Count: 513

                “This job is not for a specific target.” The digital voice said through the computer speaker, “This is a time length job in Agrabah.”

                “Why are you sending me this job, everyone knows I don’t take time length jobs. I’m never in a city for more than a week or two.” Aseim was irritated, “What’s the pay?”

                “Ten kilograms of gold a day,” the voice stated.

                “Gold? No one pays in gold these days. It’s all about the euro or the U.S. dollar.” Thinking it over in his head, “With gold at €41,000 a kilo; that works out to…”

                “€410,000’s a day.” The voice interrupted. “This job leaves your opportunity in 30 seconds.”

                “Why me?”

                “He asked for our best. 20 seconds.” Aseim thought about it for a moment. “10 seconds… 5…”

                “Fine, I’ll take it.” Aseim sighed, “but I will not be tied down for an indefinite amount of time; I won’t think twice about leaving if the job goes south. I expect my gold to be handed to me every morning.”

                After a moment of silence, “Conditions can be met,” the voice responded. “Your plane leaves in two hours.”

                “And my things?” Aseim already knew the answer.

                “A map of the city, your airline ticket, and a hotel address with confirmation will be waiting in locker 121 with the pin 9193. Your gear will arrive in the morning.” The electronic voice said it like normal.

                “Is this private or commercial?”

                “Commercial, is there an issue with this?”

                “No, none at all,” Aseim hated when they flew him commercial, because all the people would give him little comfort. “Who’s my contact?”

                “He will find you.” The screen went dead, and the noise stopped.

                “It would be bad if I killed him.” He said to the now blank screen.

                With his small duffle bag over his shoulder, he boarded the plane. The older plane was crowded and smelt like the people hadn’t bathed in a month. Finding his seat, no one sat next to him in his row. The office must have made sure no one sat next to him.

                After getting into air, Aseim pulled out the map of the city and began to memorize the street names and location. For being in the desert, it was fairly large. By the time he had memorized the city, the plane was quiet, he needed rest before landing so he closed his eyes for a moment.

                Stepping out the front doors of the airport, was like stepping back in time. The city was old, the people not dirty, but dressed very old fashioned. He knew his robes would blend in better than his shirt and jeans.

                The sun was setting when he made his way to the old hotel. The place wasn’t run down, but it wasn’t the main street hotel. Secluded and relatively alone, Aseim felt comfortable on his lumpy mattress knowing he would be making good money. He found a note with a time and a place on it, the place was across town, and the time was tomorrow morning.

The End

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