Suitors and Street RatsMature

Chapter 6; Suitors and Street Rats

Rajah, by Mycayla

Word Count: 602

I watched as Jas was assaulted, as she stood and took it like a princess, then as she screamed. The sound of my best friend's scream called tears to my eyes. I couldn't help her, I didn't know how, I knew we shouldn't have left the palace.

Through my tear blurred eyes I saw a pair of young men coming towards us. Oh no, not more men! I squeezed my eyes shut, suddenly I heard a thud and opening my eyes slightly, I saw the assaulter on the ground, unconcious. I sighed with relief as Jas ran over to me, her own tears coursing down her cheeks.

The taller of the young men, the one who had saved Jas, turned to us, smiling.

"Are you alright?"

Jas nodded, I gave a small bow, clutching my cloak tighter around my shoulders. The smaller one, supposedly called Abu walked up to me and held out his hand.

"I'm Abu, what's your name?" He said cheerfully. I warily shook his filthy hand.

"Rajah." I said curtly, warily looking at the one called Aladdin, he was talking to Jasmine, and he looked like he was being far too friendly.

"Jas, we should go home." I say, edging closer to her, and farther from Abu.

"Hey, hey, that's no way to treat your saviors!" Abu said, reaching out to me. I flinched back, terrified. Abu withdrew his hand.

"You're not from around here are you?"

I shook my head. "Jas snuck out, I couldn't let her go alone." I said quietly. Suddenly i heard a commotion a few blocks away. It was heading in our direction.

"It's the palace guards!" Aladdin yelled, grabbing Jasmine's hand and running. Abu grabbed my hand and followed suit.


After ducking through tunnels and leaping over various obstacles and pole jumping over a rooftop, the four of us ended up in a small, ruined, yet lavishly furnished attic space.

"This is my place," Aladdin said, waving an arm around at the small space. He waked over to a giant hole in the wall that served as a window and drew back the curtain. I gasped as a perfect view of the domes and spires of the Palace was revealed. I saw Jasmine do the same. I sat down on the nearest cushion before my knees gave out. Over the blood pounding in my ears i heard Aladdin talking to Jasmine about freedom, and the perks of living in a palace. I want to go back. I thought. Abu reached out to me, I let him take my hand.

"Why'd you sneak out? Or why'd Jasmine sneak out, I guess?" He asked.

I thought back to yesterday, when Prince Achmed had stopped by.


I heard a loud bang follwed by the sultan yelling at someone to "come back!" Then I saw the most recent of Jasmine's suitors strom past, soaking wet. I held my - now empty- water jug up to my face to hide my smile. I bowed slightly to the furious man as he stomped past, then ran to the garden.

"Good luck marrying her off!" echoed down the hall behind me.

"Confound it all, Rajah!" The sultan look the jug from me.

"Father, we were just playing with him!" Jas put an arm around my shoulders. "We didn't want me marrying that rude, ugly, stupid Prince Achmed did we?" She whispered to me. I smiled, nodding.


I was still smiling as I came back to the present, finishing my story.

"I guess Jas was just tired of it all." I said.

The End

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